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Conspiracy: SpursDraftDude is Dariq Whitehead

SpursDraftDude is from South Dakota, which is SD. Plus D for Draft so SouthDakotaDraft or SDDude, which is 3 initials. What is 3 states below SD? Texas, who plays in Texas? The Spurs. Rzn hes a Spurs fan. Now if we go back to the 3 initials thing, who else is from SD? Baylor Scheierman of the Creighton Bluejays. Who else r the Bluejays? Toronto in the MLB. And what has 3 initials in? QDI, aka his pod Quick Draft Insight. Now what colours r the Bluejays? Blue and white just like Duke. QDI plus 2 common letters in Quick Draft Inishgt, R and I and anagramed equals DARIQ FOR DUKE. AND HES A SPURS FAN. GUARANTEED DARIQ HEADED TO SAS, MOST LIKELY FOR LOW LOTTERY PICK.