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Which team do you think is most likely to sign Kelly Oubre Jr?

Surprisingly, the former Charlotte Hornets player has not yet found a team in this free agency market.

Which to me is a little strange because in my opinion many teams that aspire to be contenders for the title could benefit from the skills that the forward has.

To give some context, the forward averaged a total of 20.3 points 5.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game in the 48 games he played last season.

So while it is true that the forward is weak in the defensive attitude this season has shown that offensively can become a great scorer, although it is true that I do not think he had a major role in the team if more like a second weapon to use in the rotations.

Well that said, let's see which teams should acquire the forward for the remainder of the market and why.

1. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat don't have any important player at the small forward position, even though they drafted young Jaime Jaquez Jr. and even though he fits well in the team's culture I don't think he will have much minutes on the team at least until the end of the season. Add to this the possibility that the Heat could be forced to trade Caleb Martin to get Damian Lillard.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

Well this operation is only possible in two cases either if the Clippers finally acquire point guard James Harden for whom they have been fighting all offseason, or if they finally transfer center Marcus Morris Sr for which there have also been strong rumors and although the Clippers have already signed the promising Kenyon Martin Jr at the SF position in this case the player would have to play power forward.

3. Denver Nuggets

This option to me is the least likely of all of them because I don't think Oubre fits the team or its culture, but what is certain is the Nuggets' need to add a better small forward to the team after Bruce Brown's departure from Denver.

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