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NBA BACK TO 13-14 SEASON SIMULATION (17-18 season) - Most unexpected champion and FMVP...

Season awards:

MVP: Derrick Rose

ROTY: Jayson Tatum

6MOTY: Patrick Beverly

DPOY: Anthony Davis

MIP: Alex Caruso

COTY: Scott Brooks (Blazers)

Notable injury:

Myles Turner

Otto Porter

All NBA 1st team:

Derrick Rose

Paul George

LeBron James

Kevin Durant

DeMarcus Cousins

All NBA 2nd team:

Kyrie Irving

Chris Paul

Jayson Tatum

Anthony Davis

Nikola Jokic

All NBA 3rd team:

John Wall

Jeremy Lin

Ben Simmons

Pascal Siakam

Joel Embiid

All Defensive 1st team:

Paul George

Jimmy Butler

Anthony Davis

Derrick Favors

Nerlens Noel

All Defensive 2nd team:

Eric Bledsoe

Klay Thompson

Domantas Sabonis

Kenneth Faried

DeMarcus Cousins

All Rookie 1st team:

Jayson Tatum

De’Aaron Fox

John Collins

Donovan Mitchell

Jarrett Allen

All Rookie 2nd team:

Bam Adebayo

Lonzo Ball

Thomas Bryant

OG Anunoby

Kyle Kuzma

Season Stats leader:

PPG: Derrick Rose (28.6)

RPG: Jarrett Allen (11.8)

APG: Rajon Rondo (8.6)

SPG: Jimmy Butler (2.3)

BPG: Larry Sanders (2.0)


WCF: Blazers VS Warriors (4-3)

ECF: Pistons VS Pacers (4-3)

Finals: Pistons VS Blazers(4-3) (This is after Brandon Jennings leave on FA)

Finals MVP: Ramon Sessions (idk what is this Cinderella story but then uhhhhh)

2018 Draft:

1st pick: Thunder select SHAIIIIII (idk how did they steal this)

2nd pick: Celtics select Luka Doncic

3rd pick: Magic select Duncan Robinson

4th pick: Spurs select DeAndre Ayton

5th pick: Heat select Miles Bridges

6th pick: Lakers select Trae Young

7th pick: Bobcats (traded MKG to the Hawks) select Jalen Brunson

8th pick: Celtics select Anfernee Simons

9th pick: Kings select Mitchell Robinson

10th pick: Wolves select Robert WIlliams III

11th pick: Blazers select Wendell Carter JR

12th pick: Suns select JJJ

13th pick: Raptors select Mikal Bridges

14th pick: Bucks select MPJ

16th pick: Cavs select Jae’Sean Tate

19th pick: Celtics (traded Marcus Thornton to the Magic) select Mo Bamba

Big FA move (for 80+ player who changed teams)

DeMarcus Cousins to the Bulls

Larry Sanders to the Kings

IT to the Grizz

Gordan Hayward to the Knicks

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