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NBA BACK TO 13-14 SEASON SIMULATION (14-15 season) - Bron back to the Cavs

Notable players big injury (80+ players out over 6 months)

Deron Williams

Jamal Crawford :(

Season awards:

MVP: LeBron James

ROTY: Nikola Jokic

6MOTY: Kyle Lowry

DPOY: Andre Drummond

MIP: Jordan Farmer

COTY: Mike Brown (Cavs)

All NBA 1st team:

Derrick Rose

Paul George

LeBron James

Kevin Durant

DeMarcus Cousins

All NBA 2nd team:

Russell Westbrook

Dwyane Wade

Blake Griffin

Josh Smith

Dwight Howard

All NBA 3rd team:

John Wall

James Harden

Tyreke Evans

LaMarcus Aldridge

Al Jefferson

All Defensive 1st team:

Paul George

Eric Bledsoe

Anthony Davis

Derrick Favors

Andre Drummond

All Defensive 2nd team:

Dwyane Wade

John Wall

Kenneth Faried

LeBron James

Nerlens Noel

All Rookie 1st team:

Nikola Jokic

Zach Lavine

Spencer Dinwiddle

Fake dude from Raptors cus after Lowry’s departure, they don’t hv another PG

Joel Embiid

All Rookie 2nd team:

Julius Randle

Andrew Wiggins

Jordan Clarkson

Aaron Gordon

Kyle Anderson

Season Stats leader:

PPG: Kevin Durant (27.1)

RPG: Dwight Howard (10.8)

APG: Jose Calderon (10.1)

SPG: Chris Paul (2.3)

BPG: Serge Ibaka (2.1)


WCF: Wolves VS Rockets (1-4)

ECF: Bulls VS Cavs (4-2)

Finals: Bulls VS Rockets (3-4)

Finals MVP: James Harden

2015 Draft:

1st pick: Suns select Devin Bookerrrrrrrr

2nd pick: Magic select Terry Rozier III (that’s a pick they got from the Mavs on last year’s draft btw)

3rd pick: Hawks select DAngelo Russell

4th pick: 76ers select Pat Connaughton

5th pick: Celtics select Josh Richardson

6th pick: Kings select TJ McConnell

7th pick: Bucks select Kristaps Porzingis

8th pick: Nets select fake dude

9th pick: Pels select Kelly Oubre JR

10th pick: Magic select Tyus Jones

11th pick: Grizz select fake dude

12th pick: Clippers select Christian Wood

13th pick: Jazz select Bobby Portis

14th pick: Wizards select Norman Powell

16th pick: Wolves select KATTTTTTT

17th pick: Knicks select Myles Turner

18th pick: Raptors select Montrezl Harrell

19th pick: Nuggets select Richaun Holmes

Big FA move (for 80+ player who changed teams)

Carmelo Anthony to the Suns

Chris Bosh to the Blazers

Amar’e Stoudemire to the Hawks

Dirk Nowitzki to the Nets :(

Chandler Parsons to the Knicks

Rudy Gay to the Lakers

Darren Collison to the Knicks

Draymond Green to the Mavs

Wesley Matthews to the Rockets

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