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Answering Google Search Questions About Famous Fanspo Creators

Is Quack a DUCK? - I would assume so, read his about page. I bet he’s the one from the Dawn Dish Soap commercials.

Where has Chris gon? - IDK, 14 hours ago he made a trade. He does boxing, maybe he’s training to fight Basketball.

Does 3-Team Trades ONLY make three-team trades? - Look back a year ago, he did a 4-teamed and a 2-teamed. IN A ROW. Inexcusable.

Why is Westbrook The GOAT? - He does have multiple seasons averaging a triple-double, which is ridiculous. But also, isn’t this identity theft? This isn’t really Westbrook, because even Westbrook knows he’s not the GOAT. He’s playing with LeBron.

Why is Lowry da GOAT? - STOP. Just more identity theft.

How does ArmChairGM sleep from trees? - If he is in an ARMCHAIR?

How is Accidental Genius a genius? - You can’t be a genius on accident, it is a gift from God. Then HOW are his trades so good?

How does Daboss052 know Bill O’Brian so well? - Former associates? Did he have a role in Bama losing this weekend (good job)? Did he ruin the Texans from the inside?

WHY is WHY named WHY? - Classified, apparently. His only answer is, “WHY not?”