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NBA Apocalypse Mock

ADAM SILVER HAS BEEN ABDUCTED BY ALIENS! The NBA is In apocalypse mode! The aliens have taken over and they've changed everything

New Rules:

-100 Game Seasons

  • Two 20 Minute Halfs

  • 3 v 3 Basketball

  • Reseeded Rounds

  • Playoffs Not Split By Conference

  • First Round is 1 game, conference semis are 3, conference finals are 5, and finals is 7

  • 1 Round of NBA Draft

  • No Lottery, worst gets 1st pick

  • Ties are allowed

  • Elam Ending ALL GAMES

  • Triggers with 1 Minute Left

  • Only 2 Target Points to Add

  • Thanos Mode (At end of playoffs, 20% chance of half the league either dying or retiring)

  • Salary Cap is off

  • No Trade Salary match

  • No Stepien

Trade Negotiation Page

Final Trade Page


Atlanta Hawks - jojothemockgod

Boston Celtics - Paolo4MVP

Brooklyn Nets - clipfan3

Charlotte Hornets - NotCJStroud

Chicago Bulls - cfdog27

Cleveland Cavaliers - DonovanWojESPN

Dallas Mavericks - MeWasntHere

Denver Nuggets - GoGiants26

Detroit Pistons - swagduck

Golden State Warriors- JColetheGOAT

Houston Rockets - steel_houston2

Indiana Pacers - 25rylanm

Los Angeles Clippers - WolvesFan

Los Angeles Lakers - lakeshowszn

Memphis Grizzlies - Curry4MVPS

Miami Heat - johngoicochea22

Milwaukee Bucks - SchlenkSystem

Minnesota Timberwolves - Spencertime

New Orleans Pelicans - ZimmSam

New York Knicks - splashking

Oklahoma City Thunder - Olseneli000

Orlando Magic - PaoloOwnsYou

Philadelphia 76ers - STEPH

Phoenix Suns - Cantstopthis

Portland Trail Blazers - LogoLillard

Sacramento Kings - KelceBestTE

San Antonio Spurs - oglau1

Toronto Raptors - rodriguezkendri

Utah Jazz - 49ERSFOREVER

Washington Wizards - JadenIvey4MVP

To join, all you have to do is like, flame, and make a roster post