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Some of you guys may remember this game I posted a while ago, and I thought why not bring it back

I got this idea from KrispyFlakes, and only real OG's to this profile remember this game.

Here are the rules:

  1. Spin the wheel in this link: https://wordwall.net/resource/680216/nba-teams

  2. After you land on a team, you pick a player that has played for that team and eliminate that team from the wheel(example: If you land on the Sixers, you can take Allen Iverson). Here is the link to a list of players: https://www.2kratings.com/

  3. After you make your selection, you spin the wheel again and pick a player for the team you landed on, and you can't repeat positions, and you can't change your pick after you already made it. (Example: If you land on the Sixers and get Allen Iverson, and then you land on the Lakers the next spin, you cannot take Kobe because he plays the same position as Iverson, you would have to pick someone like Shaq or LeBron)

  4. Spin and take players for a total of 5 times until you form a starting 5

  5. Also if you take a certain player, then it is going to be the version of that player when they were on the team you landed on. (Example: If you land on the Celtics and take Shaq, that means you are taking the old, way past his prime Shaq)

  6. And let's say for example you land on the Warriors and take Draymond Green. You would not be taking the current, past his prime version of him, you would be taking the DPOY, All-Star version of him, since the Warriors have been his only team throughout his career. This applies to every other player that has one of these types of situations.

In case my rules were not clear, I am going to walk through what I did:

  1. With my first spin, I landed on the Hawks. I decided to take Dominique Wilkins, and after that I can't take any other SF's. I then eliminated the Hawks from the wheel and moved on to the next spin.

  2. With my second spin, I landed on the Spurs. Since I already took my SF in Wilkins, I would have to take Tim Duncan to fill my PF spot, which therefore means that I can't take any PF's with my other spins, and I remove the Spurs from the wheel.

  3. With my third spin, I landed on the Sixers. Since I already have a SF and a PF, decide to take Allen Iverson to fill my SG spot. I then remove the Sixers from the wheel and proceed to the next spin.

  4. With my 4th spin, I landed on the Heat, but that is a bit of an L, because I could have had LeBron, but since I have a SF in LeBron. Instead, I will end up with Alonzo Mourning as my C, meaning I would no longer be able to get another center. I then eliminate the Heat from the wheel and go on to the final spin

  5. With my 5th and final spin, I ended up with the Grizzlies, which is another L. Since I already have a SG, SF, PF, and C, I have no other option but to take Mike Conley as my PG.

After making these spins, my team ends up being: