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NBA mock

This is my first mock so if I mess up on something please don't judge me right away.

If you would like to join, here are some rules:

  1. There will be a trade deadline. (As it is close to the deadline at the point of making this post, I will push it back from the actual Feb. 9 date)

  2. In 2k, we will start at the beginning of the year.

  3. It will be a multi year league.

  4. For trading, I don't want it to be free for all. (not like FVV for Terrence Ross)

  5. Cap has to work out. (The only exception is when the cap is like $1.1 million to $3 million and you have to add someone)

  6. There will be no stepien rule.

  7. you can trade players you just got.

  8. Playoffs will see 8 teams per conference, but it will be win or go home.

  9. All team options will be declined.

  10. The champion will get the first day of FA to bid for players, after that everyone can.

  11. You will play against other teams to determine the lottery order. (this includes only teams that missed the playoffs)

  12. non lottery picks will be determined based on where you finished and your record.

And by the way, if I don't answer right away I am prob at school

Trade deadline will be determined when we get a full league

Please look at this announcement as it is important to the mock:

Raptors: lakeshowszn

Knicks: Paolo4MVP

Nets: JColetheGOAT

76ers: letsgobrandon

Celtics: cfdog27

Pistons: missykohls

Pacers: Curry4MVPS

Cavaliers: theswagduck

Bucks: DoctaDimes

Bulls: Showman

Magic: MohidHassan


Hornets: Steel_houston2

Heat: KyrieWasRight

Wizards: KuzForMVP (me)

Mavericks: Zimm_Sam

Grizzlies: JAFORMVP

Rockets: byardszn

Pelicans: KelcebestTE

Spurs: DH10

Trailblazers: NattyBO6

Timberwolves: paulcamozzi


Nuggets: STEPH

Jazz: benmlawrence20

Clippers: splashking

Kings: Fox_4_MVP

Suns: 27stu267

Warriors: LogoLillard

Lakers: antoniohbackup