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Fanspo Discord: a Revamp!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to make a post for the fanspo discord for those who aren’t in it as we haven’t given an update on that in a while. The discord has undergone a lot of changes recently, but mnrobinson, Curry4MVPs and myself are trying our best to make a server where everyone is welcome. New features have been added lately as we try to expand the server beyond your typical ball server to make it more of a community. Joining the discord will give you access to many exclusively discord run events such as numerous mocks, so I would def recommend joining.

There has been a change regarding invites. Due to many suspected burners joining the server recently, invite links may only be given out by mods (mnrobinson, curry4mvps, me). If you would like an invite link, please comment under this post and I will send it as soon as I see it. Thank you!