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Should The Bulls Consider Hitting The Reset Button?

Before making your decision here are some things to consider…

The Bulls are currently 6-10 which is good enough for 12th in the Eastern Conference. Even when fully healthy they are still a team who probably finds themselves in the play in. There also aren’t really any moves they can make to push themselves to contender status.

Their 2023 FRP currently belongs to Orlando via the trade for Vucevic, but it is top 4 protected. If they were to blow things up, then there would be a pretty good chance of them being able to have that pick.

While Derozan is older now, I still believe there are a number of teams who would be interested in him. I think you could get a decent young guy and/or some picks for him. I believe Lavine would fetch a price similar to that of Donovan Mitchell, and that there would be quite a few teams interested in him as well.

The last pro to this would be really getting to see what you have in some of the young talent on the roster. There’s lots of high potential guys who haven’t really had the freedom to show their skills yet.





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