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Josh Richardson & Jakob Poeltl To The Brooklyn Nets


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+2 players ($21.6m),
Cap Impact + $841K

+8  Wins

-10.78  MPG

+1.58  Off.

+0.01  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

Trade Breakdown

BKN: Josh Richardson & Jakob Poeltl

SAS: Joe Harris, Day’Ron Sharpe, 2025 MIA 2nd, & 2027 PHI 1st(Top 8 Protected)


Why Brooklyn Does This?

• Acquire much needed defense to compete in the eastern conference with Jakob Poeltl, an elite defensive interior big man, & Josh Richardson, your prototypical 3 & D 6’5 guard.

• Create a starting lineup with three solid defenders around their two superstars in KD & Kyrie.

Nets Ideal Starting Lineup:

Irving, Richardson, Durant, Simmons, & Poeltl

Backup Five:

Mills, Curry, Warren, O’Neale, & Claxton

Rest Of Bench:

Sumner, Thomas, Edwards, Watanabe, & Morris


Why San Antonio Does This?

• Gain an additional potentially valuable 1st 5 years from now for Jakob Poeltl along with a young big man to develop in Day’Ron Sharpe.

• Obtain another pick for Josh Richardson, a 2nd, & a very trade-able piece in Joe Harris who can mentor the young guys in the meantime.

Spurs Ideal Starting Lineup:

Jones, Vassell, Johnson, Sochan, & Sharpe

Backup Five:

Wesley, Branham, Harris, Roby, & Collins

Rest Of Bench:

Langford, Hall, McDermott, Bates-Diop, & Dieng