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Dallas Swoops In To Land Buddy Hield & Myles Turner Using Two Unprotected 1sts




+4 players ($49.8m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $10.6M
  • Davis Bertans
    Davis Bertans
    PF, 6' 10", -0.59 LEBRON
    Off Screen Shooter



  • Tim Hardaway Jr.
    Tim Hardaway Jr.
    SG, 6' 5", -0.25 LEBRON
    Stationary Shooter



  • Dwight Powell
    Dwight Powell
    C, 6' 10", 0.19 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big



  • Josh Green


    Josh Green
    SG, 6' 5", -1.73 LEBRON
    Team Option | Athletic Finisher



  • draft-pick-player

    2027 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2025 - Round 1


-2  Wins

+21.21  MPG

-3.55  Off.

-1.67  Def.



+2 players ($39.2m),
Cap Impact - $10.6M
  • Myles Turner
    Myles Turner
    C, 6' 11", 3.27 LEBRON
    Stretch Big



  • Buddy Hield
    Buddy Hield
    SG, 6' 4", -0.42 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




+2  Wins

-21.21  MPG

+3.55  Off.

+1.67  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

Trade Breakdown

DAL: Buddy Hield & Myles Turner

IND: Tim Hardaway Jr, Josh Green, Davis Bertans, Dwight Powell, 2025 1st, & 2027 1st


Why Dallas Does This?

The additions of both Hield & Turner pushes the Mavs into a legit championship threat. An All-Star caliber center is what Dallas has needed for the past couple years. And they get that here in Myles Turner, who can basically do it all. He’s an excellent rim protector & can space the floor well offensively, opening up driving lanes for Doncic. If Myles can stay mostly healthy throughout season entering the playoffs, Dallas will have a real chance to come out of the western conference.

Then with Buddy Hield, the Mavs have an elite sharpshooter, second only to the great Chef Steph Curry, who can light it up from deep & keep opposing defenses on their heels when Luka has the ball. Now is Hield an upgrade over THJ? In my opinion he is, because Hardaway Jr has been to inconsistent the past couple of years for me to think otherwise.

Lastly, two other under the radar things Dallas accomplishes here is getting off a couple long term contracts in THJ & Bertans while also saving a little over $10.5M in cap, which will obviously lessen the luxury bill for Mark Cuban.

To conclude, this is a huge win now move for Dallas that puts them in a great position to compete with the best of them. Shooting & defense is what a team needs around Luka, & that’s exactly what Dallas gets where.

Mavericks Ideal Starting Lineup:

Doncic, Hield, Finney-Smith, Wood, & Turner

Backup Five:

Dinwiddie, Hardy, Bullock, Kleber, & McGee


Why Indiana Does This?

After failing to acquire Deandre Ayton & with Myles Turner being on an expiring contract, it would be very smart for Indiana to flip Myles while they can. They’ve reportedly already explored the trade market for both Hield & Turner, so it’s just a matter of “when” they pull the trigger. And in my opinion, this offer is way better than Westbrook & a 1st for both Hield & Turner. This deal nets them two future unprotected 1sts, which could potentially be very valuable, two large salary matchers, a young player in Josh Green to add to the mix, & a temporary replacement center for the time being in Dwight Powell who could potentially be flipped by the deadline for positive assets.!

Now yes, I understand that taking on the contracts of Tim Hardaway Jr & Davis Bertans is tough, but that’s what rebuilding teams do, they take on contracts for draft compensation & use those guys as veterans for the young players. Two unprotected 1sts three & five years from now is nothing to balk at. Those picks have could tremendous potential & the Pacers should strongly consider receiving a package like this.

Oh, & let’s not forget about the other reason Indiana also may do this deal, Victor Wembanyama. This trade allows the Pacers to fully commit to a tank job for one of the two top prospects in the upcoming 2023 NBA draft. Adding Victor to a young core already consisting of Haliburton, Duarte, Mathurin, Smith, Jackson, & others give Indiana a bright future to look forward to.

Pacers Ideal Starting Lineup:

Haliburton, Mathurin, Duarte, Smith, & Powell

Backup Five:

McConnell, Hardaway Jr, Brissett, Jackson, & Bitadze

Rest Of Bench:

Green, Nesmith, Taylor, Bertans, & Theis


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