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What I Would Do As The Orlando Magic GM.. 2022 Offseason Plan, Hold Steady




+1 player ($11.5m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $1.2M
  • Terrence Ross
    Terrence Ross
    SG, 6' 6", -4.59 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler



  • draft-pick-player

    2027 - Round 2

    via BOS
  • draft-pick-player

    2026 - Round 2

    via MIL

-3  Wins

-2.20  MPG

-0.70  Off.

-2.74  Def.



+5 players ($23.3m),
Cap Impact + $37.7M
  • Talen Horton-Tucker
    Talen Horton-Tucker
    SG, 6' 4", -1.15 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler



  • Roster Moves
  • Delon Wright


    Delon Wright
    PG, 6' 5", 0.31 LEBRON
    FA Signing | Primary Ball Handler



  • Gary Payton II


    Gary Payton II
    PG, 6' 3", 1.91 LEBRON
    FA Signing | Stretch Big



  • Derrick Jones Jr.


    Derrick Jones Jr.
    SF, 6' 5", -0.4 LEBRON
    FA Signing | Stretch Big



  • Mo Bamba


    Mo Bamba
    C, -0.09 LEBRON
    Re-Sign Free Agent | Stretch Big



  • Notes

    Signed free agent Delon Wright to a 2 year contract worth $18.0M.

    2022 $9.0M • 2023 $9.0M

    Signed free agent Gary Payton II to a 1 year contract worth $7.0M.

    2022 $7.0M

    Signed free agent Derrick Jones Jr. to a 2 year contract worth $20.0M.

    2022 $10.0M • 2023 $10.0M

    Re-signed free agent Mo Bamba to a 4 year contract worth $52.0M.

    2022 $13.0M • 2023 $13.0M • 2024 $13.0M • 2025 $13.0M

+3  Wins

+81.87  MPG

-2.86  Off.

+8.03  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Good? Read The Full Description As All The Trade Details, Draft Picks, & Free Agent Signings Are There.

1. Trade Terrance Ross, 2026 MIL 2nd, & 2027 BOS 2nd To The Los Angeles Lakers For Talen Horton-Tucker

2. Draft Paolo Banchero(PF, 6’10 250) With The #2 Pick In The 2022 NBA Draft

3. Draft Max Christie(SG, 6’6 190) With The #32 Pick In The 2022 NBA Draft

4. Draft Caleb Houstan(SF, 6’8 205) With The #35 Pick In The 2022 NBA Draft

5. Resign Mo Bamba To A 4 Year Contract Worth $52 Million(13 Per Year)

6. Sign Derrick Jones Jr To A Two Year Contract Worth $20M(10 Per Year)

7. Sign Delon Wright To A Two Year Contract Worth $18M(9 Per Year)

8. Sign Gary Payton ll To A One Year Contract Worth $7M


Explanation & Analysis

Orlando is now heading into year two of their official rebuilding phase, & they have a lot to be excited about. Fultz & Issac will be available at the start of next season, Anthony potentially taking the next step, Suggs & Wagner heading into their sophomore years, & a Top 4 pick to add to their already young & talented core. The Magic obviously don’t want to be the worst team in the eastern conference two years in a row, so here is some minor moves that I believe they should make to improve their squad.

The first move I’d make is to trade Terrance Ross & two future 2nds to the Los Angeles Lakers for Talen Horton-Tucker. Ross had a very poor season for Orlando this year & should be moved. He’s better suited on a contending team that needs shooting like the Lakers. THT would be a solid addition to this young team as a backup small forward off the bench. He fits Orlando’s timeline & is on a fair contract for the next two seasons. Like the Magic’s other players, THT won’t be under pressure to compete for a championship & can actually take his time to develop his game.

That’s really it for trades. Some people may want to trade Johnathan Issac, but I believe Orlando should keep him, unless they get an amazing offer, in order to see what he can do in different lineups. Issac is someone who can play positions three to five with his size & length. And the same thing with Fultz, I’d like to see what he can do in a full season with this Orlando squad.

It’s time for the 2022 NBA Draft. With the 2nd pick in the draft, the Magic take Paolo Banchero, out of Duke University. He’s a great power forward that is big & strong, fast, can score from three levels, handle the ball, & make plays. His only real weakness right now is his defense, which is something he’ll have to work on throughout his career. Banchero would obviously start next to Carter Jr with Wagner at the SF position. I’m also really intrigued about what Orlando can do with a lineup including Wagner, Banchero, & Issac with any other two guards playing alongside them. That will be very interesting to watch.

With the next two picks for Orlando at 32 & 35, I’d have them take Max Christie & Caleb Houstan. A guard & forward out of Michigan State & University of Michigan respectively. Christie has nice size & length for a guard & could be a real threat in the NBA one day. He can score from anywhere & has the ability to create his own shots off the dribble. Now onto Houstan, who’s an excellent 3pt shooter & one of the best shooters from deep in this class. He’s got great height for a SF at 6’8 & has potential to be a great 3 & D player in the league, which many teams love to have.

And at last free agency. No major moves for the Magic to make here but just to add some veteran talent off the bench to play alongside & mentor the young guys. I have Orlando signing Derrick Jones Jr, Delon Wright, & Gary Payton ll. These three players are all solid defenders that can help Orlando improve on the defensive side of the ball, which is what the Magic need. Delon Wright & Gary Payton ll add guard depth behind Orlando’s tetrad of young guards. Derrick Jones Jr is a nice lengthy forward that can guard one through four & really play alongside anyone in different lineups.

After a simple but tantalizing offseason, I expect Orlando to jump from 22 wins to about 33-35 if all goes correctly & injuries don’t play a huge role in derailing their season, like it did with the last two. But with another season of experience for the young guys, this young Magic squad should be ready to make some noise during the 2023-24 season after a loaded draft class & deep free agency class.


Magic Ideal Starting Lineup:

Anthony, Suggs, Wagner, Banchero, & Carter Jr

Backup Five:

Fultz, Hampton, THT, Issac, & Bamba

Rest Of Bench

Wright, Payton ll, DJJ, Okeke, & Wagner

Two Way Players/G-League

Max Christie & Caleb Houstan