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Myles Turner To The Memphis Grizzlies


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+1 player ($18.0m),
Cap Impact + $4.1M

+2  Wins

-15.39  MPG

+1.36  Off.

+1.03  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

Trade Breakdown

MEM: Myles Turner

IND: Danny Green, Santi Aldama, Xavier Tillman, & 2024 GSW 1st


Why Memphis Does This?

• Solidify their front court of the future with Jaren Jackson Jr & & Myles Turner.

• Form one of the best defensive front courts in the league.

• Keep their important young players like Williams, Clarke, & LaRavia.

Next Moves To Make

• Convert Vince Williams & Kenneth Lofton To Regular NBA Contracts

• Extend Myles Turner

Grizzlies Ideal Starting Lineup:

Morant, Bane, Brooks, JJJ, & Turner

Backup Five:

Jones, Konchar, Williams, Clarke, & Adams

Rest Of Bench:

Chandler, Williams, LaRavia, Roddy, & Lofton


Why Indiana Does This?

• Put themselves in better position to tank for generational prospect Victor Wembanyama.

• Acquire two young big men in Santi Aldama & Xavier Tillman

• Gain an extra future 1st round pick.

Next Moves To Make

• Waive Danny Green

• Trade Oshae Brissett To The Nuggets For Their 2023 2nd

Pacers Ideal Starting Lineup:

Haliburton, Duarte, Mathurin, Smith, & Jackson

Backup Five:

McConnell, Hield, Taylor, Aldama, & Tillman

Rest Of Bench:

Nembhard, Nesmith, Brown, Johnson, & Theis