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Fix the Flaw: Nets Guard Play


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+1 player ($20.4m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $6.6M

+ 0  Wins

-0.91  MPG

+0.10  Off.

-0.92  Def.



+1 player ($13.9m),
Cap Impact - $3.0M

+ 0  Wins

+3.95  MPG

+0.17  Off.

-0.21  Def.



+2 players ($27.0m),
Cap Impact + $9.7M

+ 0  Wins

-3.04  MPG

-0.27  Off.

+1.13  Def.

The Nets have a backcourt problem unless you believe in the Ben Simmons revival or Cam Thomas. Here we remake their backcourt to balance on-ball defense with excellent shooting, something they need if Claxton is starting at center and can only live at the rim.

I like Spencer Dinwiddie fine but Fultz and Herro better fit their age group and are a great balance. Fultz with the D and ballhandling and Herro with the deadeye shot. They allow the Nets to compete with Bridges, Cam and Claxton up front. Except for Herro, this is a strong defensive unit.

Miami gets a solid PG that has the physical toughness they appreciate and moves Herro. They get the pick they might want for the Dame trade as well, while that is in limbo.

Orlando moves Black or Cole to the point and gets an all-defense level wing to backup Banchero and Wagner (not good defenders).

Did I fix the flaw? Is this fair? Welcome ideas and adjustments.