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Fix the Flaw: Bulls starting point guard who can shoot threes (deadline deal)


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+2 players ($23.4m),
Cap Impact + $890K

+1  Wins

+31.47  MPG

-3.43  Off.

+3.08  Def.



+1 player ($22.5m),
Cap Impact - $1.4M

-1  Wins

-23.72  MPG

+2.73  Off.

-1.74  Def.

The Bulls had a strange year. Excellent two point team but bottom of the league on 3-point volume. And the lack of a top tier PG stymied them throughout.

They do have 3-4 quality backup point guards but none are volume outside shooters or real floor generals. Brogdon a perfect fit when he’s healthy by the trade deadline.

Why the Celtics do it? They obviously tried to move Brogdon this offseason. He’s almost too valuable as a backup. Plus their frontcourt is weird - great potential but injury risks from KP, Timelord and Horford. Losing Grant and Smart also sucked some toughness out of the team - Caruso and DFS great as bench depth and sparks.

Why the Nets do it? DFS a little outside of the Nets plans with Mikal and Cam. They get a quality guard and a pick here. I can imagine another Bulls package - maybe Ayo or Dalen? But overall structure of the deal works.

Did I fix the flaw? What would you change?