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Lakers testing out the waters before trading Westbrook


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+1 player ($6.3m),
Cap Impact + $1.0M

-2  Wins

+10.47  MPG

-0.06  Off.

+0.84  Def.



+1 player ($0) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $1.0M

+2  Wins

-10.47  MPG

+0.06  Off.

-0.84  Def.


Kendrick Nunn has not been good, some games, he's shit, im sorry, but shit

Lakers can ofc use some more shooting, that's what they're aiming for currently

And with Westbrook playing well in recent games, consistently showing that he can be great if he's a primary ball handler, and with the Lakers wanting to retain the cap space for offseason to sign some players, I think the lakers can instead move Nunn first before they move westbrook

Here they got back Rui, who will be a stretch 4, can play a bit of iso, but the key point is ofc his shooting as a PF

And they don't need to give up much for him, he needs an extension soon, his value won't be high, if you say the srp shouldn't be involved, i can understand that as well!


It doesn't seem like the addition of Wizards PG are working too much, sure Monte is allright, but not good enough for the Wizards to improve to a playoffs team

Back in the Heat, Nunn was a great player, he shows that he's a very underrated player, here in Lakers he hvn't show it

But in Wizards, maybe he can? never know, but then i think Rui's role in Wizards is kinda overlapped but Kuzma, or even Deni, they can instead use a PG, one that can explode for good games

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