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Boston Celtics Offseason Plan #2 - Part-Ways With Malcolm Brogdon


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+2 players ($11.8m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $4.4M

+ 0  Wins

+13.89  MPG

-1.70  Off.

+0.01  Def.



+1 player ($22.5m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $4.4M

+ 0  Wins

-13.89  MPG

+1.70  Off.

-0.01  Def.

Boston Trade Deals

  • Boston Sent Brogdon To The Raptors For Boucher, Otto & 2025 Pick-Swap

Trade Explanation


  • With Brogdon Being Pretty Unhappy With The Celtics Right Now & Can Honestly See Him Requesting A Trade Sooner Or Later. I Am Very Sure That It Is The Time For The Celtics To Move On From Brogdon (I Mean He Almost Got Traded Like 3-4 Months Ago.. But Yeah Anyways) The Deal That Celtics Receive Here Is Not That Bad. They Got A Nice Versatile 6'9 Forward(Boucher) That Can Contribute In Both Ends Of The Floor. A Glue Guy On The Offensive End and Can Be A Defensive Anchor. Celtics Also Received Otto Porter (+ 2025 Swap) Otto Porter, Another Forward That Can Contribute In The Offensive End & In The Defensive End. Was A Very Special Piece For The Warriors In 2022... He Is A Good Lockeroom Guy & Can Give Energy On The Court. About His Game, He Has Solid Playmaking Skills & Defense (Awesome Team Defender & Versatile On-Ball Defender). He Can Finish At The Rim & Shoot Nicely, Either Midrange Or Downtown. His Experience Can Also Play A Big-Part Since He Been A Key Player For A Championship Team. So Yeah, This Is Honestly A Not-Bad Package For Brogdon.


  • With Raptors Needing Another High-Caliber Guard Specifically Point Guard On Their Roster, If Brogdon Get Available, I Honestly Believe That Raptors Would Be One Of The Favorites To Get Him. Brogdon Just Won The 6MOTY Last Season & Been One Of Celtics Key Players. He Is A Kind Of Player That Can Give Your Team Fire Power In The Offensive End. Last Season, He Averaged 15 PPG, 4 APG With Shooting Splits Of 48/44/87(just shy' of 50-40-90) Brogdon Can Also Give You A Very Solid Consistent Defense Every Game, He Fulfill His Defensive Role Nicely. He Is Just A Very Reliable Quality 2-Way Player. This Addition Of Brogdon Would Honestly Be A Very Ideal For The Raptors.

Projected Starters

Pg: White

Sg: Brown

Sf: Tatum

Pf: Porzingis

C: Horford

Projected Bench

Pg: Payton/Banton

Sg: Mykhailiuk/Hauser

Sf: Brissett/Walsh

Pf: Otto/Stevens

C: Williams/Boucher