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Sixers Best Chance At a Championship!


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+3 players ($38.1m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $5.0M

+5  Wins

+14.16  MPG

+3.09  Off.

+4.13  Def.



+4 players ($36.4m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $5.0M

-5  Wins

-14.16  MPG

-3.09  Off.

-4.13  Def.

There are ofc a shit load of Bulls trades floating around with a lot with Demar or Lavine going to Philly. Imo Demar is a better player and a way better fit. His veteran expierence, ability to close games, score in soliation, secondary playmake, and not be a liability on defense is jsut what Philly needs.

Even if Philly doesn't committ to this trade I think they should be frontrunner for Derozan after Tobias waloks... but that's NOT a championship team! This is, WITH Tobias who imo is a top 3 4th option in the league.

And can we just tqlak about how lethaql this team would be if they actually can get Caruso the best perimter defender in the league and Drummond who's still one of the best rebounders in the league especially off the bench.

Idc even if you think its an overapy because if I'm the GM i'm trading even more than this to get Demar and Caruso.

I would be pretty damn confident in resiging Demar for one but mainly I think is champion ship or bust if you can't win a chip with an MVP like Embiid, two bonidide stars like Demar and Maxey, great 4th options like Tobias and Oubre, elite defenders like Caruso and Melton, and maybe the best bench in the league??? Well Embiid better get the fuck outta Philly cause it's not getting better than this unless they pull Lebron freakin James in FA!

Sixers: PG. Maxey

SG. Melton

SF. Derozan

PF. Tobias (Oubre)

C. Embiid

  1. Caruso

  2. Oubre

  3. Batum

  4. Drummond

  5. House

  6. Reed

  7. Bev

  8. Bamba

  9. Smith