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Realistic Joel Embiid Destinations FINALE: Luka Doncic Swap


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+2 players ($52.1m),
Cap Impact - $867K

+2  Wins

+0.72  MPG

+1.00  Off.

-1.01  Def.



+2 players ($53.0m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $867K

-2  Wins

-0.72  MPG

-1.00  Off.

+1.01  Def.

Welcome to the end of the Joel Embiid trade series by kawntent sports. This is a bit of a wild one, but I think it could work surprisingly well for both teams.


The Sixers here get one of the best in the league in exchange for Joel Embiid in Luka Doncic. They pair him with Tyrese Maxey and a potentially great fit in Tobias Harris along with bringing in Richaun Holmes to an already deep group of big men. This allows the Sixers to remain as a contending team in a stacked Eastern Conference, and they can still compete with teams like Boston and Milwaukee.


The Mavs make a bet here on Kyrie/Embiid being a good fit, which it should considering their skills. Embiid might allow Irving to handle more in terms of ball-handling while Embiid handles more scoring, which should benefit both of their games. The Mavs also get another shooting role player in Korkmaz who could be helpful to them.

This is quite outside the box so let me know what you think of this deal. Could an Embiid deal result in the Sixers still contending? I’m curious what you all think.