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Domantas Sabonis' Hardwood Symphony Orchestra (Ft. hand-offs, fast breaks, bully ball and much more)




+2 players ($48.9m)
    Roster Moves
  • Domantas Sabonis


    Domantas Sabonis
    PF, 6' 11", 2.45 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Post Scorer



  • De'Aaron Fox


    De'Aaron Fox
    PG, 6' 3", -0.96 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Slasher



  • Notes

    Waived Domantas Sabonis for $37.9M over 2 yrs.

    Waived De'Aaron Fox for $134.8M over 4 yrs.

-9  Wins

-69.77  MPG

-2.32  Off.

+0.82  Def.

Welcome everyone, glad you can make the show! Today is a special day, we're opening a new venue that has never been seen before! The tales that will be told past today will brighten the eyes and minds with the breathtaking display shown, so sit back and get comfortable because we're bringing the Domantas Sabonis Hardwood Symphany Orchestra right to you!

Meet the musicians!

  • De'Aaron Fox: Trumpet, a furry of quick-burst sounds that excite the mind.

  • Malik Monk: Viola, when he's in the zone, all sorts of melodies are flowing with ease.

  • Davion Mitchell: Gong, a battle every time one meets face-to-face on defense.

  • Terence Davis: Triangle, plays his role well, never invalidates of the entire performance of the cast.

  • Kevin Huerter: Bass drum, his actions loudly present themselves when the lights are brightest.

  • Harrison Barnes: French Horn, consistent and always has a unqiue sound.

  • Keegan Murray: Cello, the new guy, he's still learning how to tune the strings.

  • Domantas Sabonis: The Conductor, he puts the pieces together, the magic of the show emerges with the moment his instruction falls onto the eyes of the musicians.

What will the show be like?

Mike Brown wants to put in the princeton offense for the Sacremento Kings. For those who don't know, the princeton offense is a motion offense that needs constant movement with picks on the ball, picks off the ball and constant cutting off a high IQ post player who can pass at such a high level that the offense is ran through them. The surrounding players must be able to make smart reads with and without the ball while spacing the floor. All players on the floor must be unselfish to make the offense work. I'll reference a source^ to direct you to for super in-depth analysis on the princeton offense if you want to know more about it.


Domantas Sabonis is a incredible talent as a passer from any part of the court at any time and at any pace of play. In the high post to the low post, roll man to hand-offs, leading the break to directing at the top of the key, there is no area where he won't see, second to only Jokic in the league. Grabs offensive rebounds in bunches and crunches players in the paint with his post-up and pick-N-roll skillset. He never lacks substance with incredible footwork and anticipation to make breathtaking spetacular plays. His finishing at the rim with coordination and soft hands of a jugler allows him to be hyper efficient (74% from 0-3 ft). With his skillset, he's an ideal centerpiece for the priceton offense.

De'Aaron Fox, despite his designation as a 'musician' from earlier, is also extremely pivotal to the success of the Kings. One of the best pick-N-roll duos in the NBA is Ox+Fox with Fox's ability to go downhill towards the rim and finish and Ox's finishing/playmaking as well. With the ball in his hands less, he can come off screens to get a first step on the opponent, a unfair advantage given he's already the fastest player in the NBA. Having a playmaking hub like Domas allows him to make simple cuts to the rim for easy lay-ups and the extra spacing provided by movement, shooting and Domas' gravity will likely result in the best season of Fox's career.

The supporting offensive weapons are great fits next to the Ox+Fox duo. Harrison Barnes, Kevin Huerter, Malik Monk, Davion Mitchell and Keegan Murray are all intellegent players without the basketball and are capable secondary playmakers with the ball in their hands, moving the priceton offense along without much of a hiccup. All the players outside of Davion Mitchell are respected floor spacers at this time from 3 point range, this allows the Ox+Fox combo to work optimally. All players mentioned can also act as effective scoring options themselves, this will make the Kings offense extremely unpredictable and efficient.

To those who might write off the Sac Town Kings as just a mediocre team who will crumble out of a play-in spot, don't be so quick to do so. Watch first, you'll be in for a dazzling presentation of creativity with the egoless teamwork, player movement and ball movement that makes any basketball junkie droll. With the hardwood symphony lead by the conductor, Domantas Sabonis, the Kings might just break that 16 year drought with a top offense in the NBA.