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What I Would Do As The San Antonio Spurs GM.. 2023 Offseason Plan, Victor & Ben




+5 players ($55.9m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact + $53.3M
  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons
    PG, 6' 10", 0.64 LEBRON
    Shot Creator



  • draft-pick-player

    2029 - Round 2

    via MIL
  • draft-pick-player

    2028 - Round 2

    via MIL
  • draft-pick-player

    2029 - Round 2

    via DAL
  • Roster Moves
  • Caris LeVert


    Caris LeVert
    SG, 6' 6", -0.65 LEBRON
    FA Signing | Secondary Ball Handler



  • Grant Williams


    Grant Williams
    PF, 6' 6", -0.71 LEBRON
    FA Signing | Stationary Shooter



  • Tre Jones


    Tre Jones
    PG, 6' 1", 0.14 LEBRON
    Re-Sign Free Agent | Slasher



  • Dominick Barlow


    Dominick Barlow
    SF, 6' 9", -0.17 LEBRON
    Re-Sign Free Agent | Low Minute



  • Notes

    Signed free agent Caris LeVert to a 3 year contract worth $35.0M.

    2023 $11.3M • 2024 $11.7M • 2025 $12.0M

    Signed free agent Grant Williams to a 3 year contract worth $60.0M.

    2023 $19.0M • 2024 $20.0M • 2025 $21.0M

    Re-signed free agent Tre Jones to a 4 year contract worth $70.0M.

    2023 $16.0M • 2024 $17.0M • 2025 $18.0M • 2026 $19.0M

    Re-signed free agent Dominick Barlow to a 2 year contract worth $4.5M.

    2023 $2.0M • 2024 $2.5M

+6  Wins

+77.79  MPG

-0.18  Off.

+4.43  Def.



+3 players ($19.1m),
Cap Impact - $5.0M
  • Khem Birch
    Khem Birch
    C, 6' 9", -1.81 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big



  • Doug McDermott
    Doug McDermott
    SF, 6' 7", -2.95 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter



  • Devonte' Graham
    Devonte' Graham
    PG, 6' 1", -0.23 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




-1  Wins

+16.56  MPG

-1.62  Off.

-4.02  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Does This Make Sense? Is It Fair All Around? Please Read The Full Description As All The Draft Picks, Trade Details, & Free Agent Signings Are There.

Quick Note, I did a lottery simulation for who picks where. It went like this:

SAS #1, ORL #2, DET #3, HOU #4, CHA #5, & POR #6


NBA Draft

1) Draft C Victor Wembanyama With The #1 Pick

2) Draft SF Jaime Jaquez Jr With The #33 Pick

3) Draft PF Drew Timme Jr With The #43 Pick


Trades To Make

1) Send DeVonte Graham, Doug McDermott, & Khem Birch To The Brooklyn Nets For Ben Simmons, 2028 MIL 2nd, 2029 MIL 2nd, & 2029 DAL 2nd


Free Agent Signings

1) Resign PG Tre Jones To A 4 Year Contract Worth $70M($16M First Season)

2) Sign PF Grant Williams To A Three Year Contract Worth $60M($19M First Season)

3) Sign SG Caris LeVert To A Three Year Contact Worth $35M Using The Full MLE($11.3M First Season)

4) Resign Dominik Barlow To A Two Year Contract Worth $4.5M($2M First Season)


Spurs Ideal Starting

Simmons, Vassell, Johnson, Sochan, & Wemby

Backup Five:

Jones, LeVert, Barlow, Williams, & Collins

Rest Of Bench:

Wesley, Branham, Jaquez Jr, Timme, & Bassey



What a huge win it would be for San Antonio if they’re able to get their hands on generational prospect Victor Wembanyama. He would be an absolutely great fit alongside this young core in Sochan, Johnson, Vassell, & the others. With that said, I truly believe the Spurs should try their best to be as competitive as possible during Victor’s rookie contract. He’s got the potential to help a team win a title in his first four seasons with the right pieces around him. This is why I’d make a trade for Ben Simmons from the Brooklyn Nets. Now I understand the opposing argument of Simmons isn’t good anymore & he’s not motivated, but what if Simmons is able to return to form on the Spurs team with Victor Wembanyama? Remember, Simmons played his best basketball alongside a dominant center in Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. And we’re all projecting Victor to be a dominant center in the league which is why I believe a move for Ben Simmons makes sense. When healthy, he’s an elite two way player who can pass, drive to the hole, rebound, & defend. Putting Ben on a team with no real pressure to win could revive his career, especially playing alongside a big man of Victor’s caliber. As for the trade itself, the Spurs are getting off DeVonte’ Graham’s contract, moving on from two players they don’t really need in the rotation, & landing three future second rounders to take on Ben Simmons. Sounds like a risk worth taking in my opinion.

Now onto the other second round selections of Jaime Jaquez Jr & Drew Timmie. Both these guys have a lot of college experience & could potentially fight their way into the rotation. Jaquez Jr is someone who projects to be a knockdown shooter in the NBA & someone who can hold his own defensively, being at 6’7 225lbs. As for Drew Timmie, I for some reason believe a front court of Timme & Victor, with Sochan at the three, could have some great long term potential. Timmie is a super crafty player from the post & has excellent passing skills. He reminds me of a younger Domantas Sabonis before he became an All Star talent.

When it comes to free agency, resigning Tre Jones is a must in my opinion. He’s got best backup point guard in the league potential & is someone who can smoothly run an offense. But just because I have San Antonio trading for Ben Simmons here doesn’t mean Tre Jones won’t receive starter level minutes off the bench. Next up I’d sign two guys who can help the Spurs win now off the bench in Caris LeVert & Grant Williams. Both these guys bring unique qualities to a team with a bunch of young talent. LeVert is a talented offensive player who can be a solid scoring punch off the bench & Williams is one of the better 3 & D players in the league. Lastly, I’d resign Dominick Barlow to a cheap two year contract. He’s someone I’ve grown quite high on over the season due to his defensive versatility. I’d bring him back to be the main backup SF off the bench & see how much he can develop on a young team trying to compete.

All in all, I believe this San Antonio squad I’ve built can make a leap to the play-in tournament if everyone is healthy. They could jump even further into the standings if Ben Simmons returns to his Philadelphia All Star form. A trio of Simmons, Victor, & Sochan would be so tough defensively. The Spurs would have two guys who can guard 1-5 in Simmons & Sochan along with a 7’5 big man in Victor patrolling the paint. Offensively, the Spurs should do great as well. They’re a team who focuses on ball movement & team play, & with both Simmons & Tre Jones on the roster, it should work even better next season with Victor joining the team & guys like Vassell & Johnson taking the next step in their games.