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Realistic Joel Embiid Destinations: The Small Market Superteam (#3)


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+1 player ($47.6m),
Cap Impact + $5.4M

+2  Wins

-114.90  MPG

+13.13  Off.

+1.94  Def.



+7 players ($39.9m) +4 picks,
Cap Impact - $5.4M

-2  Wins

+114.90  MPG

-13.13  Off.

-1.94  Def.

Welcome back to the Joel Embiid trade series by kawntent sports. In this deal, Joel Embiid goes to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Brandon Clarke, Luke Kennard, and a ton of untapped potential, building a potential superteam. This trade is unlike anything I've seen in the Embiid rumors, but I think it works for both sides.

Why the Grizzlies do this:

The NBA's Western Conference is becoming increasingly competitive with a new Suns superteam, the reigning champ Nuggets, the somewhat-intact Warriors dynasty, the returning Lakers core, a solid young group in Sacramento, another solid young group in New Orleans, the rise of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Mavericks with the opportunity at a full season with Kyrie, and the Clippers with a chance at a fully healthy season. The Grizzlies need to join the arms race if they want to be a top-6 team this year with Ja Morant out for the first month or two of the season. This trade instantly transforms them into a superteam with a super frontcourt in Jaren Jackson Jr and Joel Embiid that no one is stopping, and a solid cast of guards that many contenders would envy in Ja Morant, Marcus Smart, and Desmond Bane. They sacrifice a lot of long-term depth here but manage to retain guys like Konchar, Steven Adams, and Josh Christopher, and they also have roster spots as well as pick swaps they can use to improve. However, a trio of the reigning MVP, the reigning DPOY, and another young multiple time All-Star is a truly formidable trio to ride into the future and contend long-term.

Why the 76ers do this:

Barring the Thunder, this Grizzlies offer may be the best one out there in the league for Joel Embiid at the moment. I don't anticipate a Thunder offer because of Chet Holmgren's return, so this is likely the most the Sixers will get. And it's a lot of assets. They get young, high-potential guys including Santi Aldama, Ziaire Williams, Xavier Tillman, David Roddy, and Jake LaRavia. They get two unprotected first round picks and two protected first round picks. They get a stopgap center in Brandon Clarke who can hold down the fort until they get a new franchise big man. And, they get Luke Kennard who can be kept or flipped for his shooting. They also have the minutes to give to these guys to develop, allowing the best ones to show themselves and become truly great players in Philly, ushering in the Tyrese Maxey era.

Let me know what you think of this trade in the comments! Should the Grizzlies go for Joel Embiid? Is this an overpay or an underpay? This one is quite unique, so I'm curious to hear the community's opinion here.