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The Raptors Move Thaddeus Young To Brooklyn In A Three Team Deal Where Seth Curry Heads To Memphis


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+1 player ($8.5m),
Cap Impact - $1.5M

+2  Wins

+13.18  MPG

-1.07  Off.

-1.00  Def.



+1 player ($10.0m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $2.0M

+ 0  Wins

-5.98  MPG

+1.28  Off.

+0.47  Def.



+1 player ($8.0m),
Cap Impact - $496K

-1  Wins

-7.20  MPG

-0.21  Off.

+0.53  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

This Is Part 3 Of A Three Trade Series Where The Raptors Retool Their Roster Around Scottie Barnes, OG Anunoby, & Gary Trent Jr.

Please Check Out The First Two Trades If You Haven’t Already.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Trade Breakdown

BKN: Thaddeus Young

MEM: Seth Curry

TOR: Danny Green, 2023 MIN 2nd, & 2024 TOR 2nd


Nets Ideal Starting Lineup:

Irving, Harris, Durant, Simmons, & Claxton

Backup Five:

Mills, O’Neale, Warren, Watanabe, & Young

Rest Of Bench:

Sumner, Thomas, Edwards, Morris, & Sharpe


Grizzlies Ideal Starting Lineup:

Morant, Bane, Brooks, Clarke, & JJJ

Backup Five:

Jones, Curry, Williams, Aldama, & Adams

Rest Of Bench:

Chandler, Konchar, LaRavia, Roddy, & Tillman


Why Toronto Does This?

Thaddeus Young is one of Toronto’s older veterans, so it would be very smart to flip him in a package for an expiring & two 2nd rounders.

Last Move To Make

• Waive Joe Wieskamp

Raptors Ideal Starting Lineup:

Russell(MIN), Trent Jr, Anunoby, Barnes, & Reid(MIN)

Backup Five:

Flynn, Bogdanovic(ATL), Duarte, Achiuwa, & Koloko

Rest Of Bench:

Banton, Moore(MIN), Green(MEM), Hernangomez, & Birch


How These Three Trades Put Toronto In An Excellent Position In The Offseason?

After completing these three trades, the Raptors would generate around $78-79M in cap space to use this upcoming offseason. These moves also gives Toronto a total of 6 picks to use in the upcoming draft, specifically 3 1sts & 3 2nds. And we all know how good the Raptors are at identifying talent in the draft.


What Toronto Should Do In The Offseason?

1) Draft Nick Smith Jr With The 8th Pick

2) Draft Leonard Miller With The 15th Pick

3) Draft Dillon Mitchell With The 30th Pick

4) Dump Khem Birch To The San Antonio Spurs Along With 2023 NYK 2nd

5) Draft Azuolas Tubelis & Grant Nelson With 2nd Round Picks

6) Resign Gary Trent Jr To A 4 Year Contract Worth $98M

7) Resign Naz Reid To A 3 Year Contract Worth $27M

8) Sign Jerami Grant To A 3 Year Contract Worth $90M

2023-24 Raptors Ideal Starting Lineup:

Barnes, Trent Jr, Anunoby, Grant, & Reid

Backup Five:

Smith Jr, Bogdanovic, Miller, Achiuwa, & Koloko

Rest Of Bench:

Flynn, Moore, Mitchell, Tubelis, & Nelson


Final Thoughts

Instead of completely blowing up the roster & making Toronto a potential non-playoff next season with Scottie Barnes, I decided a better direction would simply be a massive retooling of the roster where the Raptors gain multiple future 1sts & an extraordinary amount of cap space to use in the upcoming offseason. This roster I’ve constructed here has it all in my opinion. A future superstar in Scottie Barnes, potential All Stars in GTJ & OG, multiple high potential rookies in NSJ, Leonard Miller, & Dillon Mitchell, talented veterans in Bogdanovic & Grant, & a slew of other young players in Reid, Achiuwa, Koloko, Flynn, Moore, etc..

Defense: 9.5/10, Grant, OG, Barnes, Koloko, Achiuwa, & GTJ.

Shooting: 8/10, Bogdanovic, GTJ, OG, Grant, & Reid.

Rebounding: 8/10, Reid & Koloko


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