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Accidental Genius Official NBA Mock For The 2021-22 Season




+1 player ($39.3m)
  • Damian Lillard
    Damian Lillard
    PG, 6' 2", 3.74 LEBRON
    Shot Creator




-1  Wins

+2.79  MPG

+1.87  Off.

-3.71  Def.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

+1 player ($39.3m)
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    PG, 6' 11", 5.57 LEBRON




+1  Wins

-2.79  MPG

-1.87  Off.

+3.71  Def.

Hello everyone, I have decided to create a mock for the first time. Reason being is because most of the mocks that have come & go have been ran very poorly. There’s been a lot of confusion & arguments that has led to a few people leaving the site. I want this to be best & last mock of the 2021-22 NBA Season. I’d rather not have any other users create mocks while mine is ongoing because it’ll start some bad things again. Here are some of the rules & ideas I’ll put forth:


1. I prefer if you guys manage your favorite teams. I’m first going to talk to some users who I’ve interacted with the most about putting them down with their respective teams. Then with the remaining teams, I’ll let everyone else choose if your favorite team is taken.


2. This mock will not be a pre-draft/free agency mock. We will be starting during the preseason & into the season with how the rosters are currently constructed. I suggest googling your team’s roster to see the most accurate representation of your players. For example, Plumlee isn’t on Charlotte for some reason on this site. So I suggest using this website to see all the players you’ll have available to you.


3. All trades must be realistic to a sense & not one sided. I will have the power to veto any trades that I believe aren’t realistic or super lopsided. All trades must follow salary matching, hard cap, Stepien rule, etc…

• This means I don’t want to see any players like Luka, Jokic, James, Young, Gobert, Durant, Giannis, Tatum, LaMelo, Mitchell, Embiid, Butler, Booker, Kawhi, Curry, Morant, etc.. & recent highly drafted rookies like Cade, Green, Mobley, Suggs, & Barnes being traded.


4. For draft picks, this website hasn’t update the picks yet where they show all the protections. If you look at all the firsts OKC have from other teams, all of them don’t show any protections, but they do indeed have them. Like the Clippers, Suns, Sixers, etc… So I suggest you guys use this website to see all the protections your team & other teams have.


5. When you agree to a trade with a team, comment your trade on the official trades post that I will soon create & insert the link down below. You will also need the person that you agree to the deal with to comment “I agree to this trade.” I will then ask both parties one more time if they’re sure that they want to go through with the trades. And I will need both to comment “Yes, I’d like to make this trade official.” That’s when the trade will be made official & put on a separate post that’ll be entitled “Official Mock Trades”, which like I said will be created soon(Oct 16).


6. There will be a negotiation period before trades can be made official. This will give you the opportunity to talk to multiple teams & get the best possible package in return. For example, whoever controls the Sixers, will benefit greatly from this due to the Simmons saga. Negotiation period will be between Oct 9 & Oct 16, which means no trades can be sent to me & made official until after Oct 16. This gives you the chance to talk to multiple teams & change your mind about things if needed to get the best possible package.


7. This league will not start until all teams have been taken by a user. So please don’t negotiate anything with anyone until then. This gives all teams the opportunity to negotiate with all the other teams in the NBA.


8. I have NBA 2k22 on next-gen so I will be simulating the season after the deadline has passed. I will display all the standings, All-Star players, All NBA teams, awards, etc.. on a separate page some time in the future.


9. How to get removed & replaced in this mock league? Lying, starting arguments, not being active, & just plain out being awful. I will not hesitate to remove & replace anyone who breaks these rules. I don’t want it to come to that point with anyone, so please be honest, respectful, & simply have fun knowing you’re doing things the right way.


10. If this mock goes very well, I will consider creating a second one also for the 2021-22 season where we all be different teams instead. But that’s a big if.


Teams & Users That’ll Be Controlling Them:

Atlanta Hawks - Red Velvet Venom

Boston Celtics - Basketball

Brooklyn Nets - JHavoc08

Charlotte Hornets - LADodgers

Chicago Bulls - Lightzout☄️

Cleveland Cavaliers - Patrick Thanos

Dallas Mavericks - Vika’s Fan

Denver Nuggets - Jeremy Wynett

Detroit Pistons - ArmChairGM

Golden State Warriors - Christian Gonzalez

Houston Rockets - Accidental Genius(Me)

Indiana Pacers - ThreeTeamTradesNBA

Los Angeles Clippers - Nick Roth

Los Angeles Lakers - Westbrook=MVP

Memphis Grizzlies - LaurenceIsAlwaysAsian

Miami Heat - Raptors fan

Milwaukee Bucks - WHY

Minnesota Timberwolves - pg7

New Orleans Pelicans - A Duck

New York Knicks - Nickynyc

Oklahoma City Thunder - lgc

Orlando Magic - GoGiants26

Philadelphia 76ers - SixersGM

Phoenix Suns - Alanb8

Portland Trail Blazers - thepizzalover

Sacramento Kings - DaBoss052

San Antonio Spurs - Baller G

Toronto Raptors - OGdaGoat

Utah Jazz - Grantula

Washington Wizards - Jordan Poole Da 🐐🐐


Other things that I forgot to mention above:

• Do not negotiate on this post please, I will have a separate post for negotiations.

  • Once the trade negotiations page is up, you guys can comment the link to your current roster & detail who’s available & who is untouchable. The link to that page will be here:

• As for players that are currently free agents, like Sekou Doumbouya & Wesley Matthews, whichever team picks them up in real life, the user of that team in the mock will have them available too them. So no free agent signings in this mock, only real life.

• I will make a post for guys to share your official roster after the deadline passes. So just comment the link on that post please. Please list all the players you have by position & be organized with it.

• The trade deadline is Oct 30 at 11pm Eastern time, so 8pm pacific time. No trades can be made after this date.

• If you guys have any questions please comment them down below so everyone can see them as well.