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Business is Beam-ing! Kings make an all in move - rumoured trade on Jake Fischer podcast




+2 players ($25.6m),
Cap Impact + $2.4M
  • Mason Plumlee
    Mason Plumlee
    C, 6' 11", 0.84 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big



  • Lauri Markkanen
    Lauri Markkanen
    PF, 2.58 LEBRON
    Stretch Big




+6  Wins

+20.47  MPG

+7.39  Off.

-0.02  Def.



+2 players ($0) +2 picks,
Cap Impact - $4.5M
  • Alex Len
    Alex Len
    C, -0.58 LEBRON
    Low Minute



  • Keegan Murray
    Keegan Murray
    SF, 6' 8", -1.09 LEBRON
    Athletic Finisher



  • draft-pick-player

    2026 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2028 - Round 1

    Top 3 Protected

-5  Wins

-1.15  MPG

-4.49  Off.

+0.25  Def.



+1 player ($11.2m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $2.1M
  • Richaun Holmes
    Richaun Holmes
    C, 6' 10", -2.29 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big



  • draft-pick-player

    2024 - Round 2

    via DAL
  • draft-pick-player

    2023 - Round 2

    via IND

-2  Wins

-19.31  MPG

-2.90  Off.

-0.23  Def.

Hi All,

I've checked through Fanspo and can confirm I'm bringing you an original trade! I heard a framework similar to this discussed on Jake Fischer's "Do not aggregate this" podcast and wanted to discuss the idea, pros and con's etc. So without further a do, Lauri to the Kings!

Kings: This owuld be huge for Sacramento. Keegan Murray was drafted for win now purposes, picke dover the likes of Jaden Ivey and Shaedon Sharpe because of how he could come into the NBA and contribute straight away. And he has. 12 ppg, 40% from 3, decent decision maker and a competent perimeter defender. This year he looks like the right pick but... The Kings are in win now mode. Making the playoffs is imperative. With this trade they'd potentially push the team over the top, getting better on both ends of the floor and becoming a dark horse WCF team? Lauri makes so much sense in Sacramento. He's a perfect fit in their offensive system, both the Jazz and Sac play with pace and tonnes of spacing. He's shooting 43% from deep, putting up 25ppg. Picture him at the 4 spot, adding some secondary rim protection to help Sabonis, helping on the boards, driving towards the rim off of DHO's and Fox feeds, it's a match made in heaven. They'd undoubtably be the best offence in the league, swaping out 12ppg for 25ppg (I know it's not as simple as that but Lauri gets his in the flow of the offence) only 25% usage. It's difficult, imagine telling a Sac fan two years ago they'd consider trading unprotected picks in 25and 27 because of a team built around De'Aaron Fox. But, ythis keeps them young. They maintain their 1st in 23. They have a young core and crazily enough, I think they become an FA destination. They're playing fun basketball and they're based in Cali. What more could you want. On top of bringing in Lauri in the Kings fix their 5 issue, bringing in Plumlee who can do a credible impression of what Domas does for the Kings. That gives them 48 minutes of the same sets as opposed to switching up to spread PNR with Richaun Holmes or Chimeze Metu on the floor. I think this is a big risk for the Kings but it's difficult to argue with the results. They bring in a win now forward on a brilliant contract who fits their timeline and rounds out the roster, simplifying the bench and clearing the cap sheet of Holmes contract for future years. Here's how they lineup:

PG: Fox, SG: Huerter, SF: Barnes, PF: Markkanen, C: Sabonis - bench: Monk, Plumlee, Mitchell, Lyles, Davis and Metu

This is the Seven second Suns reborn, I think it guarantee's a top 6 spot in the West and maybe they fall short in the playoffs but maybe, given that raucous home crowd, the feel good factor on the team, the ability more than anyone in the league (bar Denver) to just blow teams away from 3, they fully actualise their media darlings role and make an unlikely playoff run.

Jazz: The other side of the deal. A heartbreaker for Jazz fans, I can already see ShooterMcGrady declining this on behalf on Danny Ainge but... it makes so much sense. Ask any exec for the past 20,30,40,50 yes 50 years, Oscar Robertson left them in 1970, what picks you want, it's Sacramento. Perhaps these both have to be unprotected but these are gold dust in the league. Stack onto that a super promising plug and play rookie, 6ft 8, shooting 40% from 3, great head on his shoulders, it just makes sense. Lauri has been immense this season, I think he'll start in the all-star game given it's in Utah and the injuries to Davis and Zion but he's had one good season and could be traded for immense value. Ainge is the least sentimental GM in the league and if Murray can get up to 80% of what Lauri is doing by the end of his rookie contract, on top of 2 further 1st's it'd be a win for the Jazz.

they slot Murray into the Lauri slot, he'd develop nicely in the Jazz run and gun system, I think it night be a better developmental spot given the onus on players to make decisions in transition, be assertive and trust in their shot making. They'd be set for the future, not that they already aren't but there should be fears in Utah that if Hardy is capable of getting the kind of production he is from Lauri then they get forced into paying him a max in 2025 just as the cap spikes, this delays that decision. Keeps Utah on an upward trajectory but helps them push back the absolute need to contend.

Hornets: Much simpler for the Hornets than either of the Western conference teams. It's a slight backward step but they pick up 2 2nd rounders for Plumlee's expiring and take on Richaun Holmes. Whilst Holmes is negative salary I don't think there's a massive issue bringing on that money. The Lamelo PNR partnership rehabs his value, it's 8% of the cap and he couold be a good mentor for their long term starting 5 Mark Williams. Realistically Charlotte should know they aren't competing in the next 2 years, best to pick up a few assets for an expiring player likely to depart in the summer knowing it won't take them into the luxury tax.

On a seperate note, I came onto this sight recomending that Charlotte trade Lamelo. the 23 draft is the first feasible time that can happen. If they don't bring in Wemby, Scoot or Amen would you cash in Lamelo at max value, knowing he likely requests a trade in year 5 and start the rebuild with The Pelicans picks, a haul from the Raptors, picks from the Suns?

Something to think about....

Let me know what you think and what you'd do. I think there's a compelling case for both the Jazz and the Kings to pull the trigger at the deadline but it'd be just as contentious as the Hali trade last year.