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Russell Westbrook To The Dallas Mavericks


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+1 player ($47.1m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $381K

-3  Wins

-31.63  MPG

+2.13  Off.

+0.64  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

Trade Breakdown

DAL: Russell Westbrook, & 2027 Top 10 Protected 1st Through 2029[Else 2029 2nd]

LAL: Tim Hardaway Jr, Davis Bertans, & Dwight Powell


Why Dallas Does This?

In order to create the best possible team around their superstar in Luka Doncic after this upcoming season. Let’s be real, the western conference is extremely tough & the chances of the Mavericks reaching the finals is slim to none. Teams like the Warriors, Nuggets, Grizzlies, Suns, Clippers, Timberwolves, Lakers, & Pelicans are all in solid positions for a potential deep playoff run. So it would be smart for Mark Cuban & Dallas to think about what they can try to accomplish long term with Luka instead of just next season. Flipping THJ’s & Bertans’ long term contracts along with Powell for a huge expiring contract makes a lot of sense. Doing this deal means the Mavericks will have about $25M in positive cap space next season, including the widely expected salary cap increase to $133M, & all their 1sts plus one more to go after a star player. This move for Dallas can be described as “taking a step backwards to go many forward”. The Mavericks here get worse with this trade & still keep themselves in position for a potential Top 6 seed in the west, simply due to Luka’s amazing talent, but put themselves in position to become the best team in the league going forward.

Next Moves To Make

• Sign Paul Millsap

Mavericks Ideal Starting Lineup:

Doncic, Dinwiddie, Bullock, DFS, & McGee

Backup Five:

Westbrook, Hardy, Green, Wood, & Kleber

Rest Of Bench:

Ntilikina, Pinson, Hall, Gueye, & Millsap


Why Los Angeles Does This?

This trade gives the Lakers two adequate starters in Hardaway Jr & Powell who would fit nicely along with a sharpshooter to come off the bench in Bertans. THJ would in my opinion be a great choice at the two between Beverley & James due to his ability knock down open threes & create opportunities for himself offensively. He’s a great off ball player & knows where to be when playing with a star player. Then the addition of Dwight Powell gives Los Angeles a strong three man rotation at the center position. Powell is a mobile big man who excels as a screener in the pick & roll game along with catching lobs. He’s actually a decent switchable defender due to his quick feet & always plays hard on both sides of the court. Lastly, you’ve got Davis Bertans. Not much to say about him other than the fact that he can come in go on a hot streak from beyond the arc. He’ll definitely be in the rotation during the regular season & hit his 2-3 shots from deep, but it’s unlikely that he’d see considerable minutes in the playoffs as a minus defender.

Lakers Ideal Starting Lineup:

Beverley, Hardaway Jr, James, Davis, & Powell

Backup Five:

Nunn, Reaves, Walker IV, Bertans, & Jones

Rest Of Bench:

Christie, JTA, Brown Jr, Gabriel, & Bryant