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TJ McConnell & Daniel Theis To The Miami Heat


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+2 players ($16.8m),
Cap Impact - $1.8M

-1  Wins

-6.14  MPG

+2.20  Off.

-0.24  Def.

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

Trade Breakdown

MIA: TJ McConnell & Daniel Theis

IND: Duncan Robinson, Haywood Highsmith, 2026 Least Favorable 2nd, & 2028 2nd


Why Miami Does This?

1) Get off Duncan Robinson’s contract without giving up a 1st.

2) Acquire both depth & defense off the bench with TJ McConnell & Daniel Theis.

Next Moves To Make

• Sign Avery Bradley

Heat Ideal Starting Lineup:

Lowry, Herro, Butler, Martin, & Adebayo

Backup Five:

McConnell, Oladipo, Strus, Theis, & Dedmon

Rest Of Bench:

Vincent, Bradley, Jovic, Haslem, & Yurtseven


Why Indiana Does This?

1) Add future draft capital.

2) Gain extra shooting. Two deadly 3pt snipers is better than just one.

3) Open up extra playing time for both Andrew Nembhard & Isaiah Jackson.

Next Moves To Make

• Sign Eric Bledsoe

Pacers Ideal Starting Lineup:

Haliburton, Hield, Mathurin, Smith, & Turner

Backup Five:

Nembhard, Duarte, Robinson, Brissett, & Jackson

Rest Of Bench:

Bledsoe, Taylor, Nesmith, Highsmith, & Bitadze