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Fix the Flaw: Knicks 3-point Shooting


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+1 player ($28.6m),
Cap Impact - $6.5M

+2  Wins

-18.54  MPG

+2.80  Off.

+0.95  Def.



+3 players ($45.0m),
Cap Impact - $2.1M

-3  Wins

+29.85  MPG

-5.97  Off.

+0.41  Def.

This was hard for me as a Knicks fan. The natural upgrade is at SG to deal with the terrible outside shooting by the Knicks, but their real high-volume, low-efficiency player is Randle. Stats sheet filler but not going to get to the next level for them.

The Knicks end up with no stars but 2 guys that can fit their rotation as they go for a star. Powell and Williams are high-efficiency 3-pt shooters.

Brunson - Powell - RJ - Williams - Robinson

It's hard to find the right landing spot for him, but in Chicago he gets to play with Lavine and not have to carry all the scoring load. Perfect or not, it allows the Bulls to get value for DeRozan and Williams, both of whom they may lose. They never like to tank and Randle helps them stay relevant, plus they get picks.

Clippers get DeRozan as their third guy for a last try at a ring. He's a terrific scorer and passer, great fit with PG and Kawhi.

Did I fix the flaw?