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Lakers Add a Top 3&D 5 Hawks Overhaul Rotation, Pistons Get Young Talent/Picks, Pacers Prepare For Hali's Prime, Knicks Move Cam




+3 players ($50.7m),
Cap Impact + $4.6M
  • Alec Burks
    Alec Burks
    SG, 6' 6", 0.29 LEBRON
    Primary Ball Handler



  • Bojan Bogdanovic


    Bojan Bogdanovic
    SF, 6' 7", 0.23 LEBRON
    Recently Signed | Movement Shooter



  • Buddy Hield
    Buddy Hield
    SG, 6' 4", -0.42 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




+2  Wins

+4.66  MPG

+3.81  Off.

-3.61  Def.



+2 players ($47.1m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $7.8M
  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook
    PG, 6' 3", -1 LEBRON
    Shot Creator



  • Frank Kaminsky
    Frank Kaminsky
    C, -1.18 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big



  • draft-pick-player

    2029 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2027 - Round 1


-5  Wins

-5.81  MPG

-2.39  Off.

-2.64  Def.



+3 players ($42.0m),
Cap Impact - $11.3M
  • Bogdan Bogdanovic
    Bogdan Bogdanovic
    SG, 6' 6", 1.39 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler



  • Myles Turner
    Myles Turner
    C, 6' 11", 3.27 LEBRON
    Stretch Big



  • Cam Reddish
    Cam Reddish
    SF, 6' 8", -3.83 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




+4  Wins

+79.39  MPG

+0.12  Off.

+2.22  Def.



+1 player ($5.3m),
Cap Impact - $704K
  • Kendrick Nunn


    Kendrick Nunn
    PG, 6' 2", -0.52 LEBRON
    Recently Traded | Secondary Ball Handler




+3  Wins

+8.81  MPG

+1.70  Off.

+1.62  Def.



+3 players ($26.3m),
Cap Impact - $3.2M
  • John Collins
    John Collins
    PF, 6' 9", 1.14 LEBRON
    Versatile Big



  • Jalen Johnson
    Jalen Johnson
    SF, 6' 9", -1.45 LEBRON
    Stretch Big



  • Max Christie
    Max Christie
    SG, 6' 6"




-4  Wins

-59.50  MPG

-3.24  Off.

+2.41  Def.

Los Angeles Lakers x Atlanta Hawks x Detroit Pistons x Indiana Pacers | Trade Explanation

This deal would give L.A. one of the game's top three-and-D centers in Myles Turner, who's averaging a career-high 17.4 points, 2.3 blocks, and 1.5 threes per game while shooting 39.0 percent from deep. He's a reliable anchor on one end, and he won't clog the paint for LeBron's drives or Anthony Davis' post touches on the other. His presence would also allow AD to spend more time at his preferred position, the 4, where he won't have to bang inside with some of the West's bruising centers. If that increases the likelihood of Davis being healthy for the playoffs, all the better.

This deal allows Atlanta to overhaul its rotation between the high-usage guards (Trae Young and Dejounte Murray) and a pair of bigs that do most of their damage inside (Clint Capela and Onyeka Okongwu). Like Bojan, Buddy Hield and Alec Burks both bring shooting with them to the Hawks, who currently have a bottom-10 offense. Infusing the rotation with three 40-plus-percent three-point shooters and spreading the floor for Young- (or Murray-) led pick-and-rolls with Capela and Okongwu would make Atlanta's offense far more dynamic.

If Detroit is insistent on first-round picks for either or both Bogdanović and Burks, this deal might be dead on arrival. Having said that, a flurry of trades over the last several years means a lot of first-round picks throughout the league are already spoken for. This particular trade package would still add young talent (and probably some ping-pong balls for the lottery). Collins has been in the league for a while, but he's still only 25 years old. That's shy of his prime and eight years younger than Bogdanović. And playing with a less ball-dominant setup man like Cade Cunningham (when he returns in 2023-24) could help Collins recapture the 20-and-10 form he had in 2018-19 and 2019-20.

Haliburton will be on the verge of his prime in 2027. Indiana could use that draft to supplement its young core, or it could redirect one or both of the Lakers picks to another team in a star trade. This deal also adds a little flexibility to Indiana's cap sheet. It would no longer be on the hook for Hield, who's owed $19.3 million in 2023-24. If he isn't bought out right after the deal, Westbrook's contract will expire this summer. Ditto for Frank Kaminsky.

New York Knicks x Los Angeles Lakers | Trade Explanation

Reddish could be exactly what the Lakers need. He was once billed as a 3-and-D wing with secondary shot creation abilities. If Reddish can find his way in LA, this could be a great value move for them.

Nunn isn’t a needle mover. At the same time, he is a solid offensive guard who can provide a little bit of creation for himself and others. In other words, he’s better than nothing.

The Los Angeles Lakers Starting Lineup After The Trade

PG Dennis Schroder

SG Patrick Beverley

SF Bogdan Bogdanovic

PF LeBron James

C Myles Turner

The Los Angeles Lakers Bench Rotation After The Trade

PG Scottie Pippen Jr.

SG Cam Reddish

SF Troy Brown Jr.

PF Wenyen Gabriel

C Thomas Bryant

The Atlanta Hawks Starting Lineup After The Trade

PG Trae Young

SG Dejounte Murray

SF Bojan Bogdanovic

PF De'Andre Hunter

C Clint Capela

The Atlanta Hawks Bench Rotation After The Trade

PG Alec Burks

SG Buddy Hield

SF AJ Griffin

PF Justin Holiday

C Onyeka Okongwu

The Detroit Pistons Starting Lineup After The Trade

PG Killian Hayes

SG Jaden Ivey

SF Saddiq Bey

PF John Collins

C Jalen Duren

The Detroit Pistons Bench Rotation After The Trade

(Max Christie - Reserve)

PG Cory Joseph

SG Hamidou Diallo

SF Jalen Johnson

PF Isaiah Livers

C Isaiah Stewart

The Indiana Pacers Bench Rotation After The Trade

PG Russell Westbrook

SG Bennedict Mathurin

SF Oshae Brisset

PF Jalen Smith

C Frank Kaminsky

The New York Knicks Bench Rotation After The Trade

PG Kendrick Nunn

SG Immanuel Quickley

SF Evan Fournier

PF Obi Toppin

C Isaiah Hartenstein