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A Mavs Fan’s Thoughts on the Kyrie Trade

I’m torn. The Mavs have been doing poorly this season, being just the 6th seed in the West while Luka is putting up insane numbers. The Mavs are so reliant on Luka, and they clearly needed another player that can create at a high level to take the next step. Kyrie can create as good as anyone with the ball and take the pressure off Luka. He’s also a winner, he’s got a championship on his resume and has made multiple finals with LeBron as the second star. On the other hand, the Mavs defense is 24th in the NBA. Trading away by far our best rotational defender in Finney Smith for a non factor defensively isn’t a good way to solve this. While the Mavs needed another star, they needed one that can play next to Luka. Luka needs the ball in his hands to be at his best, so pairing him with another player who needs the ball in his hands could backfire. As well as this, Kyrie makes a huge amount of money and is demanding a 4 year extension. He’s demanded to be traded from 3 different teams and killed their future. If he does this to the Mavs, Luka may follow and leave Dallas. I have no real reason to believe that Kyrie’s not gonna get bored with the Mavs 2 seasons from now and sit out until he’s traded. At the end of the day, while the Mavs were never going to win the championship without another guy, I’d rather not risk Luka’s future with the team.