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Adding Images to text posts and styling your articles

If you're curious on how to add images to your own text posts or articles you create, you can add them by using the markdown syntax in the editor. It will generate something like this: ![]()

The first space in the bracket is just meant for a description of the image, while the second space is where you would put a link to an image that you have uploaded somewhere, for example, this is what I will use to show the image below:

![New snapshot feature](

New snapshot feature

Currently, there's not a quick way to upload images on Fanspo, but you can upload your article images on Imgur and use those .png image links to show them in your articles.

Full guide to styling things

Here is a link to a guide you can use when styling your text posts. Since the formatting is based on "Markdown" syntax, everything under the Markdown column in that guide should work on here. Let me know if you see any formatting issues when trying to style things a certain way.