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Something I Strongly Dislike (Hate is a Mean Word)

Something I Strongly Dislike (Hate is a Mean Word):

Those “spam posts”. You can define this however you like and to what extent. I know my own definition, which I won’t share. However, generally, these spam posts tend to be trades. I do not believe that this spamming of trades requires any skill or knowledge, and isn’t beneficial to the community at all.

Posts that tend to take more time often require more “skill” and practice to carry out successfully. These are usually text posts and occasionally, trades. However, I see some people half-a**ing these trades, with no explanation. Additionally, these spammed trades don’t tend to require any basketball knowledge at all. You just click buttons until the salary matches and then post the trade. Also, they don’t benefit anybody, community and creator included. What a lot of creators do, which I think is good and educational to learn other perspectives and new information, is go back and forth with others on feedback or just accept and store the feedback. This benefits everyone. The more people that are more educated on basketball, and the more people that know others’ perspectives, the better we can understand each other’s takes and better formulate our opinions.

And yeah, of all people on Fanspo, I’m not even remotely close to the top of this list to complain about posts like this. I mean, I don’t tend to post super quality content that is super informational and incredibly intellectual. And while that is true, my point is that these spam trades need to stop. And while this may be a little selfish and weird, I dislike it because of GM Score and the Trending page. I see someone post a detailed trade with extremely lengthy and terrific explanations, and that is worse than the one good trade of 70 total trades from one creator that day.

Anyways, I’ve never really had a serious voice on what happens on Fanspo. I’m usually the guy that likes to make jokes and chill out with situations. But, I’m gonna lose this account by the end of the school year, and despite everything I’ve been here for, including the original disliked debate, I never made a lengthy post speaking about the issue and my position on it.

Finally, this is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings. And if it does, I’m sorry, but it would be awesome if you could change your ways. And even if you aren’t offended by this, but feel if this spamming trades applies to you, while it is up do you, I urge you to at least explain your trades or just put more time and effort into trades.