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Hunger Games Day 3

Day 3:

JoshJacksonPOG discovers a biology textbook lying on the ground, Again Homework!🙄 SixersGM finds Pepe, HE Found A Soccer Player in there?!?!? Amdaymond finds a convenient cardboard box and decides to use it as shelter, LMAO. SchlenkSystem receives a bucket of KFC from a sponsor, Sooooo Random. ClipFan3 finds Pepe, There's Duplicates. cfdog27 gets doxxed by keemstar, The Fuc*. mort_windycity sends a mass mail and dies, You can die from that? 😭😭😭😭 BiGGJoRD reads a disheartening message in Comic Sans, Ok? LukaMagic develops stage 4 brain cancer, Uh Oh that's bad. Currv4MVPS finds a convenient couch and decides to use it as shelter, Lmao MeWasntHere gets hit by a hurricane, He's The Only One 😭😭😭😭 jbb has major bone pain after drinking bone-hurting juice, Oooops. FOX_ FOR_MVP is accused of mansplaining,???? CatsCanBall heals cfdog 27, That's Nice. parkerstough discovers a bucket of KFC lying on the ground, Again ShooterMcGrady is accused of mansplaining,???? samuelkratohwil gets devastating hiccups, OH MY SO DEVESTATING LOL.