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NBA 2K25 Expansion Mock

Welcome everyone! This is the NBA 2K25 Expansion Mock! We will start when NBA 2K25 comes out, but I just wanted to make the post right now so everything can be prepared. 32 users will be able to make trades, draft, and have fun. For those who have never done a mock and want to try it, you are the GM of a team of your choice! Let's get into the rules!


  1. No bullying/fighting

  2. We will have two expansion teams, users pick cities and team names

  3. Salary Cap, Stepien Rule, and injuries are ON to keep the league fair

  4. Atto and I will be vetoing trades that are completely unfair, we have final say. Atto will also grade each trade for both sides as an analyst

  5. We will be using rosters as of the beginning of the 2024-25 season

  6. You may protect only eight players if you are not an expansion team

  7. Trades are not allowed until the Expansion Draft is OVER

  8. We will have a trade deadline stoppage for one day for the first season and you will be able to make trades

  9. The mock will go on for five seasons. All seasons besides the first one will be auto-simmed

  10. BE ACTIVE!

Expansion Draft

  1. Each user will have 12 hours to pick

  2. 14 roster spots

  3. When a player gets selected, no other player from that original team may be selected (Ex: If Gabe Vincent gets selected, no other Lakers are allowed to be picked)


Tampa Totems (expansion): Luka4MVP

Las Vages Chips (expansion): Donkedave

Hawks: Risacher4ROTY

Celtics: WarriorCurry30

Nets: condav

Hornets: lofi

Bulls: AsapCohen

Cavs: ypeeterson13

Mavs: SpiralDUBS

Nuggets: TYTYMAXEY_0

Pistons: sd

Warriors: Ballin

Rockets: ejacks7380

Pacers: ericamahoney84


Lakers: Lakersfan123

Grizzlies: blocker_bears9

Heat: HeatFanalt

Bucks: meloisasniper

Wolves: upthemavs

Pelicans: troyhaywood250

Knicks: stephcurrysalt

Thunder: ShaiForMVP

Magic: JColeTheGOAT

76ers: 76ers83

Suns: KnicksTape

Blazers: AG_Atto0

Kings: lukemayfield08

Spurs: chrisgon0203

Raptors: ArmChairScout

Jazz: SenyorBeefDa3rd

Wizards: JHavoc08

Trade Negotiation Page:

Trade Confirmation Page:

Expansion Protect Page:

Roster Post Page:

People Helping

Sim (sims seasons on NBA 2K25): condav

Analyst (grades trades and gives reasoning for both sides): AG_Atto0

Woj (makes a burner account and pretty much acts like he's Woj): TBD

Shams (makes a burner account and pretty much acts like he's Shams): SharpeShooter

Good luck everyone!