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Day 2 in Hunger Games Mock

Day 2:

BiGGJoRD murders TheRaptor, Nooo Right off the bat 😭😭😭. jbb receives a bone-hurting juice from a sponsor, I Swear if you drink it. samuelkratohwil brings his paintball gun and in shooting practice he shot olseneli000 in the head with no gear, so Olseneli000 dies of Paintballs, Nooo Friendly fire 😭😭😭. CatsCanBall almost whacks STEPH to death with a war axe, Watch your surroundings guys. ClipFan3 receives a pack of food from a sponsor, Good for him. FOX_FOR_MVP eats fruit and gains one point in strength, Good for him. MeWasntHere gets assaulted by a toothbrush at a Drake concert, What The Fu*k. KelceBestTE gets necrosis, What the Hell is that. LukaMagic receives a biology textbook from a sponsor, HOMEWORK??? SEAUSRISE falls through a portal into the blender dimension, ooof that sounds bad 😭😭😭. ShooterMcGrady gets carpal tunnel syndrome from playing osu, What? parkerstough discovers a stick of Old Spice deodorant lying on the ground, Well that helps allot. SchlenkSystem discovers a freeze ray lying on the ground, Woah bro just chill. JoshJacksonPOG sees things, What things. cfdog27 runs over KelceBestTE with his tank, causing the death of KelceBestTE, Bruh are you kidding me 😭😭😭. Curry4MVPS stumbles upon a tank, He fell on one and didn't see it? mort_windycity gets a bladder infection, Yikes. STEPH hangs himself after getting in a fight with ShooterMcGrady, STEPH what were you thinking 😭😭😭? Amdaymond receives a Stalin mustache from a sponsor, Why would he need that? Jadenlvey4MVP becomes as orange as a Cheeto and dies of chemical poisoning, I Have so many questions 😭😭😭. SixersGM receives a pack of food from a sponsor, Cool.


The Raptor 😭😭😭

KelceBastTE 😭😭😭

Olseneli000 😭😭😭


JadenIvey4MVP 😭😭😭