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Welcome to the 2023 Amazing Race Mock

Mock Description

Welcome to the “Amazing Race”! This is a mock that has brought many ideas together including 2K Rebuilds, Game Shows and Wheel Spins and More! We hope this mock can be very successful and a mock driven by you. Note: (There are some other surprise creators who might be helping out as well) The Basics:

This mock will start at the start of the 2023 Off-Season. You will be notified of your team's record and your team's stats so you have enough time knowing going into the offseason. In this mock there will be different goals you have to complete to get different surprises and things to help you throughout the mock. Once you finish the mock you will submit it to me and me and a couple of other users will deem it as “good” or “still needs work” If you get a “good” then you are free to go onto your next task. If you get a “still needs work’ then you will have to keep working on that task until it gets complete. After a certain amount of tasks are finished you will get a surprise. A young player on your roster will get a boost in their rating and will be able to help out the team more. We will also have 2 expansion teams.


MNRobinson will be controlling this part of the mock. We have protected 8 players just for the sake of time. If you would like to change that list please let MNRobinson know. You will have 2 hours to make your pick. If you are not active we will pick for you, again big boards are advised for the 2 expansion teams.

Tasks: MNRobinson will be controlling this part of the mock. Each team will be assigned a task on day one. This is where the “Amazing Race” comes in. One you get assigned your task the first person that finishes there task will get a prize. If you complete the tasks first over everyone else then you get an “upgrade boost” . We will pick a young player on your team who isn't fully developed and upgrade him if you finish your first task first. That will get you to be able to upgrade your player halfway. For example if you were the Hawks and you finished a task first AJ Griffin would go to a 78. If you finished another task first you would be able to fully upgrade him to a 84. Another way to get a player fully upgraded is completing the 5 tasks.

These are all the players eligible to be upgraded. Feel free to trade them but you only get 1 player that you can upgrade.

Upgrade System if you finish these tasks you get to upgrade a player, 1 player per team

Atlanta Hawks AJ Griffin - 86 Boston Celtics Grant Williams - 84 Brooklyn Nets Cam Thomas - 89 Charlotte Hornets Mark Williams - 82 Chicago Bulls Ayo Dosunmu - 84 Cleveland Cavaliers Evan Mobley - 89 Dallas Mavericks Jaden Hardy - 81 Denver Nuggets Bones Hyland - 84 Detroit Pistons Jaden Ivey - 86 Golden State Warriors Jonathan Kuminga - 86 Houston Rockets Tari Eason - 84 Indiana Pacers Benedict Mathurain - 84 Los Angeles Clippers Terrence Mann - 83 Los Angeles Lakers Lonnie Walker - 81 Memphis Grizzlies Zaire Williams - 84 Miami Heat Tyler Herro - 87 Milwaukee Bucks Marjon Beuchamp - 82 Minnesota Timberwolves Jaden McDaniels - 85 New Orleans Pelicans Dyson Daniels - 84 New York Knicks Quentin Grimes - 85 Oklahoma City Thunder Chet Holmgren - 84 Orlando Magic Paolo Banchero - 85 Philadelphia 76ers Tyrese Maxey - 90 Phoenix Suns Cam Johnson - 83 Portland Trail Blazers Anfernee Simons - 89 Sacramento Kings Keegan Murray - 84 San Antonio Spurs Jeremy Sochan -83 Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby - 86 Jazz Collin Sexton - 86 Washington Wizards - Johnny Davis - 81

Once you complete your 5 tasks then that player will be fully upgraded. If you don't complete a task in a certain amount of days you will have a spin on the “punishment” wheel. Punishments

Star Requests Trade

Team Morale Down 10% Each

Star Declines by 5

Random Starter Requests Trade

Star is Seriously Injured (Out for Half a Season)

Star is Seriously Injured (Out for Full a Season)

Lose a First Round Pick

The Draft: This is the portion of the mock Bron (me) will be handling. After all of the spots in the mock have been filled a tankathon sim will be ran to determine the draft order. I will then post that order. After the order is posted there will be 2 days (48 hours) until the draft starts. Trading will also begin during this period. After the 2 days are up the draft will start. Our goal is to finish the first round picks 3 days after the draft starts. We’ve decided on some rules in order to keep the draft moving quickly. You will be messaged by one of the creators helping with this mock when it is your turn to pick. From the time that message is sent you will have 2 hours to make your selection. You will not be required to make any picks between 8AM and 10 PM If you know you will not be around or during the time you are supposed to pick, make a list in order of prospects you would be interested in. Then we can pick for you. If your time runs out and no list has been left for us we will talk together and make a selection for you based on who we think is the best selection. Please remember that a really good selection could result in help completing your tasks! Trading: I will be handling all things trade related. I will have a page that will have the negation page(s) as well as the official trade post. As I said earlier, trading will start when the draft order is released (2 days before the start of the draft). We are going to try and refrain from vetoing trades, but if one is very lopsided we will do so. All players are allowed to be traded as long as they aren’t free agents. FAs will only be allowed to be traded during free agency via s&ts. Trading will end at the end of free agency. There will be one more brief trading period at the trade deadline (more on that later). We ask 3 things of you in regards to trading. A roster post with players and picks is required. This makes life easier on everyone. Please try to do most of if not all of your negotiations on the trade negotiations page. This allows everyone to see it. Please keep sweepstakes posts going for only 24 hours. If they are kept up any longer they can make a player's price unreasonably high and take the fun out of it for other GM’s. Free Agency: Kyriealt will be handling all things free agency. During this period FA’s can be traded via s&t’s. Free agency will be broken down into 2 periods. The first period is RFA. It will last 2 days. There will be a post with the RFA’s where you can make offers for them. Players will take more into account then just money. At the end of the 2 days the players' team will have the opportunity to match the contract they want to sign with another team. If they do not match it the team with the best offer will get the player. The next phase will be UFA. It will last 5 days. There will be a post with the UFA’s. Teams will be able to offer the players. Once again they will take more into account then just money. The players will decide what team to sign within 48 hours after getting their first offer. At the end of this period trading will also end. Simulation: KyrieALT will also be handling the sim part of this mock. The sim will be done on a platform that no one aside from Kyrie will know. He is also using his own custom roster with realistic ratings. Please make trades as a real GM! The sim will start after free agency and will go until the trade deadline. Which brings us to our next section… Trade Deadline: The next portion of the mock is the trade deadline. This will be a brief stoppage in the sim. You will be able to see the league standings and possibly receive new objectives to complete for GMP. After the standings and new objectives are posted you will have 2 days (48 hours) to complete any trades. After that we will move on to our next phase of the mock. Waiving Players Deadline: IRL lots of veteran players are waived from young teams after the trade deadline. In order to keep this mock as close to real life as possible we will also be including that. After the trade deadline is over, you will have 1 day (24 hours) to announce to us any players who you are waiving. We will compile a list and then move on to the next phase of the mock. Buyout Market: The result from veteran players being waived is the buyout market. That is the next phase of our mock. A list will be made of all of the waived players, teams will then have 2 days (48 hours) to make offers on the players. At the end of the 2 days the players will decide what team to sign with. Please note that money will not matter near as much to these players as the chance to win a championship. At the end of this phase, the sim will start up again and go through the end of the season. Post Season We will Sim the Playoffs and whoever wins will be the “winner” of this mock. Sign Ups: The sign ups for this mock will be done based on seniority. This means that the creators who have been on the site longer and are more well known will have first dibs at what team they would like to be. We will fill in the rest of the spots with other users in order of who signs up first. Click the link down below in order to sign up for the mock. If you are a big enough creator we will inform you that you can go ahead and pick your team. If you are not, we will inform you that you have been added to the waiting list. When it is your turn to pick a team we will let you know. Please don’t be offended if you are added to the waiting list. This is the best way for us to keep the mock fun and competitive for everyone.

We will have activity checks where once or twice during the mock we will ask you to respond to a post just to make sure you are active. If you fail to answer to the post you will have to leave a mock so we can have all active participants.

Sign Ups,

Atlanta Hawks: Schlenk System

Boston Celtics: Olsenelo000

Brooklyn Nets: Jhavoc8

Charlotte Hornets: SplashKing

Chicago Bulls: Cantstopthis

Cleveland Cavaliers: MaxeyForMVP

Dallas Mavericks: Basketball

Denver Nuggets:DenverSportsFan

Detroit Pistons: WHY

Golden State Warriors: Chrisgon023

Houston Rockets: Bron

Indiana Pacers: StephforMvp

Los Angeles Clippers: Knickstape

Los Angeles Lakers: MahomesisKing

Memphis Grizzlies: SuperCurryFan30

Miami Heat: Heatlifer

Milwaukee Bucks: T00tall

Minnesota Timberwolves: Greenbaypackers

New Orleans Pelicans:Lakeshowszn

New York Knicks: MeWasntHere

Oklahoma City Thunder: TheRaptor

Orlando Magic: MohidHassan

Philadelphia 76ers: Sixersgm

Phoenix Suns: AntonioHill

Portland Trail Blazers: LogoLillard

Sacramento Kings: Raptorsfan

San Antonio Spurs: TheGrudge

Toronto Raptors: tcpride23

Utah Jazz: Steel_houston2

Washington Wizards: AsapCohen

Seattle Snakes: MNRobinson

Las Vegas Vipers: MNortwindycity

If you have any questions let me know.