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International Mock!

This is my first mock

League Format:

North America East:

  1. Tampa Bay Hurricanes (VikingsLegend)

  2. Philadelphia Process (FutureSixersGM)

  3. Jacksonville Jackals (nafwarrior10)

  4. Toronto Canadians (ShaiForMVP)

  5. Pittsburgh Lover Pans (Kelelwareishim)

North America West:

  1. Portland Pitbulls (onfire)

  2. Las Vegas Scorpions (BDawg)

  3. Boise Ballers (DeadPoole)

  4. Seattle SuperSonics (guru)

  5. Eugene Eagles (swagduck)

  6. Las Vegas Jokers (chrisgon)

North America Central:

  1. Saskatoon Huskies (Beau)

  2. Alabama Hadsburgs (kawtent)

  3. Texas Tigers (HeatFanAlt)

  4. Number Eight Sevenes (RunCMC)

  5. Springfield Isotopes (ladyonira)

  6. Mexico City Juan Wicks (toumaniForward)


  1. London Bridges (JColetheGOAT)

  2. Nice Devils (kingFALCON)

  3. Dusseldorf Donkeys (andounaprancha6)

  4. Dublin Shamrocks (BlockerBears)

  5. Berlin Burglars (GJOX)

  6. Birmingham Blinders (Schlenk)


  1. Shanghai Sharks (KobeBufkin4ROTY)

  2. Auckland Angels (SeatlleThunder)

  3. Guandong Tigers (Stephcurrysalt)

  4. Saudi Arabia Dollars Bills (MyMomsAccount)

  5. Sydney Snakes (LeHimothy_James)

  6. Hamilton Breakers (he_is_him)

South America/Africa:

  1. Ethiopian Coffee Beans (SwipaBestPg)

  2. South Africa Beasts (qwertydj)

  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo Africans (AnAverageNBAFan)

  4. Chilean Chilis (jlimehouse)

  5. Zimbabwe Zebras (letsgobrandon)

Note: Once a division fills up, there will be no remaining spots for teams in that region.

Features of the Mock:

Custom Teams: Participants can create their own teams by choosing a city and a team name, and will be placed in the corresponding region’s division.

Fantasy Draft: A 12-round draft will be conducted, but only the first 7-8 rounds will be completed to keep the mock from being too lengthy.

Rule Modifications: The Stepien Rule, 30/60/90 day rule, and draft lottery are all inactive.

Season Length: A 58-game season will be played with a normal playoff format to accommodate the travel involved with teams from different regions.

Salary Cap: Teams will have a $146 million salary cap.

GM Scoring: Points will be awarded based on playoff appearances, championship wins, draft picks, awards, and salary management. The GM with the most points at the end wins.

Additional Details:

Salaries must match in trades.

Stoppages will occur at the start of the season, trade deadline, and postseason.

During the offseason, teams will draft, re-sign players, and enter free agency.

Important Posts

Trade Negotiations:

Official Trade Tracker:

GM Scoring Guide:

Fantasy Draft Tracker:

Feel free to ask any questions you have!