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Brand new 2022 NBA March Madness mock with Bron!!! Please join!

Welcome to a brand new mock hosted by me and u/Bron! We've both been planning now on a brand new mock and we'll run roles as co-commissioners of this brand new league. This will be simmed on NBA 2K22 on PS5. So let's get in to the rules:


So, in this mock, all 30 teams make a March Madness-esque bracket and we'll go off standings of Tuesday, December 28th, 2021. But, we have a twist, every team keeps their best 3 players. The rest go into an auction which lasts a week and you'll need to fill out your roster. You can select your team now and there's a separate post for all the teams taken and their 3 players left. As for trading, you can make trades for a week long similar to the auction period. The Stepien Rule will be included so no trading back-to-back picks. I'll have other links below soon, with seeding, trades, top 3 players for each team, auction, etc.


Teams and players kept:



Trade post (negotiations and completed deals):

Salary cap for each team: