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Nets roster for the COVID-19 Mock


Kyrie, Mikal, Cam J, DFS, Claxton


Simmons, Cam T, Lonnie, Clowney, Sharpe

Bench Warmers:

Giles III, Whitehead, Watford, Wilson, Brooks

Super HTG: Mikal and Claxton and Kyrie

HTG: Clowney, Cam J, and Cam T

HMU if you are interested in any guys

2024 frp, srp

2025 frp via PHX, 2025 frp 2025 srp via MIA

2026 srp

2027 frp via PHI, 2027 frp via PHX, 2027 frp

2028 frp via PHX, 2028 frp, srp

2029 frp via PHX, 2029 frp and srp via DAL, 2029 frp, srp

2030 frp, srp, 2030 srp via DAL