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Saddiq Bey

You all need to quit posting these silly trade ideas with Bey being traded for whatever crap you can find to match his $3M salary and a protected #1 pick 3-6 years away. That is NOT going to happen. The rebuilding Pistons are not interested in just dumping one of their best young players who has been highly productive since entering the league in 2020. IF the Pistons do trade Bey it will be in combination with other players to upgrade the starting lineup (most likely a PF) not for a pile of garbage and a pick that may never convey.

Do us all a favor... DO NOT HIT THE SAVE BUTTON!

Just because it says SUCCESS at the top of the page does not make it a good trade! The fact that many of these type Saddiq trades are at or near the top of the trending lists and have more positive votes then negative (some by huge margins) really makes me question the basketball IQ of the users on this site