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Offseason 2023 Context EP01 :


Title :

developing the offense of the starters / Keeping the championship Duo

developing the offense of the young core / Keeping the championship Duo

Trades on a budget:



  1. Making trades to improve the bench offense

  2. making a trade without breaking the core

  3. making a trade to get picks

  4. making a trade to give away a draft to pick/ go down in the draft

  5. having an eye on the future / setting up a young core, maybe ?

  6. Acquiring a Movement shooter, somehow on budget.


  1. Alleviate the defensive load on our younger players/championship core

  2. Encouraging starters to focus on offense[Pascal's focus on offense, OG's Budding midrange, Scottie's three point shot development] by adding defensive pieces.

  3. We love Koloko. We got Jakob; Great decision. Why not do this again ? one more 7ft/6.11 center, Twin Towers ?

high level bench defenders/on the market ?

  1. James wiseman

  2. Marvin Bagley

  3. moving down the draft for a Cade/Ivey trade.

  4. Herb Jones (improve bench defense as well/ allows OG, Barnes, Pascal to focus on offense)

  5. Josh Richarson

  6. Matysse Thybulle

  7. Isaac Okoro