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Talking about the draft. Toronto Raptors edition EP01

Before we begin, some general outlines

0.1 Masai will prioritize defense and speed to combine with Pascal's new-found offensive output.

0.2 Pascal lives and thrives in the midrange, therefore an added threat in that area will be detrimental to Pascal's offensive out put.

0.3 Fred's play making load has increased. with his contract to be renewed, ability in play making will be the new-found priority in this upcoming draft.

0.4 the bench offense has no three point threat Masai is likely to multiply his picks by chasing for 3pt shooters away from the lottery, even off of the first round, maybe.

0.5 Fred and OG shooting from 3pt range are the best complement to Pascal. splash brothers, maybe ? the two untouchables of the raptors are Scottie and Pascal, both need 3pt outlets badly[both live in the midrange, both are true point forwards].