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Bulls Go Full Nuclear


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+1 player ($37.9m),
Cap Impact + $7.0M

+3  Wins

+37.68  MPG

+4.35  Off.

-0.37  Def.



+1 player ($40.1m),
Cap Impact + $2.1M

-2  Wins

-1.85  MPG

-1.06  Off.

-1.17  Def.



+8 players ($75.5m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $11.6M

-10  Wins

-106.16  MPG

-9.45  Off.

-0.27  Def.



+1 player ($18.5m),
Cap Impact + $1.6M

+4  Wins

+34.00  MPG

+3.25  Off.

+0.76  Def.



+1 player ($28.6m),
Cap Impact + $693K

+4  Wins

+36.33  MPG

+2.91  Off.

+1.05  Def.

Trade 1: Bulls ,Raptors & Rockets

  • The Rockets have started the season on fire, but the one starter that hasn't is Jabari Smith Jr. They still need rebounding and rim protection if they want to make a deep playoff run. Pascal fits all this, he is in his prime and at an all star level. The price isn't as high as it looks, Jabari , Amen and Whitmore aren't ready to have an impact on winning games yet, and this year's draft is weak so the pick isn't that valuable. As a large market they can be confident in keeping Siakam too. The Rockets have said they want to win now, this is the win now move.

  • The Raptors have a choice to either blow it up or double down, given the fact they don't have their own draft pick this season I think it's more likely they make moves to get better. They are a small market team and will probs lose Siakam for nothing if they don't trade him. They desperately need perimeter shooting which Lavine adds, he's a great fit next to Barnes and OG, a lot better than the current lineup. Plus Lavine is under contract for 4 more years so isn't going to be leaving them for nothing.

  • The Bulls get 3 super high upside long term project players to base their rebuild around. And another frp. Trade 2: Bulls & Mavericks

  • The Mavericks are contenders now with one of the best players in the world on their team, they need to keep winning to keep him happy, this moves give them a upgrade at the Centre position to help them win playoffs without breaking the bank. Yes losing Lively isn't ideal but Rookies typically wear out towards the end of the season which is when the Mavericks need him most.

  • The Bulls get a young centre for the future. Trade 3: Bulls & Piston

  • This one is the most unlikely to happen as Ausur is playing well and the Pistons are still bad. But eventually the Pistons have to start winning, Cunningham is entering his prime and he is gonna need help, Derozam was still an all star last year and is a low cost pickup to help them win now and support Cunningham.

  • The Bulls get the other Thompson twin to build around as the franchise cornerstones.