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Raptors Retool


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+1 player ($37.9m),
Cap Impact + $7.0M

+3  Wins

+37.68  MPG

+4.35  Off.

-0.37  Def.



+6 players ($50.9m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $5.6M

-5  Wins

-73.48  MPG

-5.73  Off.

-0.28  Def.



+1 player ($18.6m),
Cap Impact - $1.4M

+3  Wins

+35.80  MPG

+1.38  Off.

+0.65  Def.

The Raptors new lineup

  • PG- Amen Thompson

  • SG- Ausur Thompson

  • SF- Scottie Barnes

  • PF- Jabari Smith Jr.

  • C- Jakob Poeltls

  • Bench

  • PG- Dennis Schroeder

  • SG- Grady Dick

  • SF- Cam Whitmore

The Raptors are mid and stuck in NBA purgatory ATM, they aren't good enough to win a playoff series, but are too good to get a top end draft pick. Their best 3 players play similar positions and don't fit well. Time to do a quick reset. Bottom out this year, build around Scottie Barnes and bring in 2 more high quality young players with their own pick(if top 6) and Brooklyn's pick. Add that to the hule of young players they get back in trading Siakam and OG. It's the old 1 step back, 2 step forward method. Plus they don't lose them both for nothing at year's end. Pistons and Rockets become competitive and end the tank years. Rockets are maybe overpaying but Siakam but idk.