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Roco back to Houston




+1 player ($13.0m),
Cap Impact - $3.8M

    + 0  Wins

    -34.03  MPG

    +2.37  Off.

    -1.62  Def.

    Trail Blazers

    Trail Blazers

    +3 players ($16.8m),
    Cap Impact + $3.8M
    • David Nwaba
      David Nwaba
      SF, 6' 5", 0.34 LEBRON
      Stretch Big



    • Daniel Theis
      Daniel Theis
      C, 6' 8", -1.09 LEBRON
      Stretch Big




    + 0  Wins

    +34.03  MPG

    -2.37  Off.

    +1.62  Def.

    Houston should be doing everything they can to move on from the vets and look to find good guys in the locker room. Roco wouldn’t command touches, and he’s been a part of plenty of rebuilding teams. Houston could also buy him out after the deadline.

    Portland gets a little deeper and hope that Nwaba can regain form from last season and House can get back to his ways pre bubble. Theis+House+Nwaba isn’t much of a package but all need a change of scenery as none of them really fit on the court or w the timeline. Portland could look to take a couple of gambles in hopes of possibly being able to make a little bit of noise come playoff time