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Sixers add D epth


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+2 players ($26.3m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $459K

+2  Wins

+0.41  MPG

+0.20  Off.

-0.59  Def.



+2 players ($0) +4 picks,
Cap Impact - $12.4M

-2  Wins

-0.30  MPG

-0.25  Off.

+1.15  Def.

Sixers get a great starting caliber 3&D Wing in DFS, whose Main Job IT would be to guard wings Like Butler or Tatum in the Playoffs. Batum isnt the youngest anymore and relying on him and Harris to Stop Wing scorers doesn't seem Like a success garantor to me.

Schröder would be another starting caliber pointguard with great on ball/ Point of Attack defense. He could theoretically start but His Shooting is definitively streaky, besides that he is at his best when the ball is in his hands. Having him as a sixth man however would definitively be a great Addition for the sixers. Speed and playmaking are his strengths, he could perform a lot of the same actions as maxey does with Embiid and the other players. All in all it would come down to matchups to determine his role. Acquiring him shouldn't be too costly, since he doesn't really fit the raptors needs anymore.

Sixers would retain some assets for another move, possibly targeting Caruso as the starting "PG". Or simply for offseason moves. DFS and Schröder will likely remain valuable for the foreseeable future since they are on great contracts and only 30yrs old. In Terms of Asset Management, turning expiring and empty salaries into productive and valuable Players can never hurt. Besides, who could the sixers pursue in the upcoming offseason anyways, might aswell add to their current core and remain flexible for the Future.