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Series of legal trades & signings to remake Suns roster. Good trades for other teams. Read explanation.


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+11 players ($41.6m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $10.7M

+3  Wins

+22.84  MPG

-1.40  Off.

+3.60  Def.



+1 player ($23.5m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact + $5.5M

-1  Wins

+2.92  MPG

+0.77  Off.

-1.94  Def.



+1 player ($6.8m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $583K

-2  Wins

-8.00  MPG

-0.42  Off.

-1.94  Def.

Trade 1: Suns, Wizards, Kings

Part 1: Suns give Nurkic and #22 pick for Avdija. Suns get versatile young wing on a good contract. Wizards clear up rotation time for Bilal, #2 pick, and #13 pick (Part 2 below). Wizards get veteran center (position of need) in Nurk, who is still valuable in regular season (Wizards aren’t going to make the playoffs anytime soon), is on a reasonable short term deal, and can help bridge the gap and provide some semblance of veteran leadership and mentoring. Wizards get #22 pick, which will be packaged for #13 in Part 2. Wizards give Suns #52 pick in the exchange.

Part 2: Kings swap in PF Kuzma for PF Barnes. Win now Kings want Kuzma for his versatility, scoring size, and prime years. He is a dribble, pass, shoot (kinda) player. Wizards are still in development mode, so they free up playing time for their young guys like Bilal and this year’s #2 pick. They take on Barnes, who is cheaper and has one less year on his contract. Barnes is still a rotation player who can also mentor as veteran presence for what will be a very young team. Picks moving … Wizards trade #22 (traded from Suns in Part 1) and #26 to Kings for #13 to get another more impactful young player to go with Bilal and the #2 pick. Kings also give Wizards their Portland 2025 second round pick in exchange for Suns 2025 second round pick (owned by Wizards). Wizards lack a 2025 first, but the Portland pick will be in the 30-35 range, as will their own 2025 pick, so in a deep draft they get two shots to hit in a high second rounder.

Trade #2: Suns, Cavs.

Suns send SF Little and 2028 second round pick to Cavs for oft injured PF Dean Wade. For the Suns, they get a rotational big who can shoot. The Cavs get lineup versatility in a young and athletic SF who had a down year but still has some upside. This would allow them to move Strus to SG in the case of a Garland trade. Little at 7 million will be a cheaper option than resigning Okoro, who is likely a mid-level 13 million in free agency. Little can be 80-100% of what Okoro provides at half the price.

Suns free agent signings:

Royce O’Neal - 3 years declining 21, 14 (7 guaranteed), 7. Years two and three are team options to provide flexibility. Royce gets a Bruce Brown type deal with a high first year salary so the Suns can trade him if they want for a valuable player at the deadline. Royce gets 41 million over the 3 year contract, which is the same as he would get on a three year non-taxpayer mid level exception. This probably a bit more than his true value, but he has a lot of leverage over the Suns because they can’t really afford to lose him because they need him as a rotation wing and also need his contract for trades. If he’s traded, the team he’s traded to can either keep him on a reasonable deal, trade him again, or even just cut him and eat the 7 million guaranteed.

Minimum contract signings are structured so that every year after the first year is a player option, so if someone plays well enough to earn a larger deal, they could opt out and become an unrestricted free agent. The length of the deals is tailored to lure players who might get slightly better offers from other teams, but might be worried about not getting playing time and getting bounced from the league in a year or two if they don’t perform. So if they don’t see any larger offers, they can always keep opting back in. For example, Bol Bol might get an offer from another team for two years at 3 million a year for a total of 6 million, not perform well, and not be picked up after that contract. The Suns are offering him 10 million over the four years of the contract, but with the ultimate flexibility of the player option to leave after each year if something bigger comes along. That’s the idea. Suns take on risk for players to take minimum contracts, which is all the Suns can do per the CBA.

Minimum signings:

Bol Bol 10 million over 4 years. We’ll see if coach Bud can turn him into a poor man’s Brook Lopez. Remember Lopez was signed on a minimum until under Bud he started shooting more 3s and becoming a DPOY candidate for his rim protection.

Mo Bamba. 10 million over 4 years. Same idea as Bol Bol. Floor spacing rim defender.

Mamu. 7 million over 3 years Floor spacing center who was with Bud in Milwaukee.

The reason for three centers is because Bol and Bamba foul a lot, so in the West with so much size, we might need all three some nights.

Watford. 10 million over 4 years. Promising undrafted PF.

Dennis Smith Jr. 7 million over 3 years. Backup PG who can dribble the ball up, initiate offense, and drive. Can’t shoot, unfortunately.

What do you think?