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Nets roster for splashking and charapy mock

Pg: Spencer Dinwiddie, Seth curry, Edmund summer

Sg: Mikal Bridges, Joe Harris, Patty Mills

Sf: Cody Martin, Juan Toscano-anderson, David Duke aJr

Pf: Dorian Finney smith, Yuta watanbe, Moses brown

C: Nic Claxton, Kelly Olnyc, Dayron Sharpe

Have to trade royce o'neale( edit: traded)

Trade block: Old people

Untouchable: Mikal and Claxton

Picks: 2023 frp 2023 frp(phx) 2023 frp(hou or phi) 2025 frp(phx) 2025 srp(mia) 2026 srp 2027 frp(phi) 2027 frp(phx) 2027 srp(dal) 2028 frp 2028 frp(phx) 2028 srp 2028 srp(mil) 2029 frp 2029 frp(dal) 2029 frp(phx) 2029 srp 2029 srp(mil) 2029 srp(dal) 2026 2nd (Mem) 2029 2nd and 2029 1st (Cle) 2025 frp via MIA (lottery protected) 2024 frp(lac) Trades:

Nets Receive: Juan Toscano-Anderson, Kelly Olynyk, 2026 2nd (Mem) 2029 2nd and 2029 1st (Cle)

Jazz Receive: Royce O'Neal and Ben Simmons.

OKC: Cam Johnson

BKN: 2025 frp via MIA (lottery protected)

Hornets get: Cam Thomas

Nets get: 2024 frp (lac) Cody martin