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Thank You, 2022-2023 Golden State Warriors

Well, our season is done, it's tough to see, it's tough to witness, but it is what it is...

First of all i wanna say thank you to everyone who once paid effort for the franchise's success, every player, every coach, every staff, every front office guy, owners, GMs, everyone

Below i will say my thoughts and words to players and some key behind the scenes people

Steph, oh Steph

U did nth wrong, u gave it all on the court, we're playing the Lakers because of you, that 50 pt game is just absolutely unreal. It's just a blessing that we got to witness greatness in our lifes

Love you Steph



It just feels like it's either absolutely on fire, OR, ASS games

Look at this elimination game, 3-19... 8 pts

The playoffs, 39% FG, 37% 3pt...


no words, do better pls, and pls take the paycut to stay in the Warriors cus safe to say u don't deserve the max


It's not the best season, but for what u went through

The family issues, injuries, even in this Game 6, u got a rib issue and u played through it

I cannot complain about anything, the defense was KEY, love the effort


Idk what to say, mid season, a normal Draymond season

All Defensive 2nd team, gd work i guess

That punch on Poole at the start of the season kinda ruined sth, idk what it is but Warriors just didn't look the same this season, this is unacceptable and as a veteran, as a leader, I know you alrdy apologize and promise not to do it again, but pls stand by your words and help built back up the culture


Round of applause

What a season, playing 82 games for 2 seasons in a row, leading the league in Offensive Rebounds i think?

In the playoffs, took it into another level, breaking records that only Howard did it before, unreal for a dude who can barely jump

Ur such a key for the Warriors, there's a lot of games where if it's not u we won't win, Iron Man Loon, salute to you


idk if it's cus you earned the 30M for the next few seasons, you just lost that attitude it seems like

one of the worst defenders in the league, jesusu christ

being inconsistent, just always wanna show out in front of WHO, even Zendaya showed up and Poole is still bad dude...

how many games did u sold? Bad shot against the Hawks (Donte saved the day), Lakers, Turnovers VS Pistons and Wolves, and there's fs some other ones

plsssssss, i rlly hope Warriors can trade you tbh but i guess they won't for now, pls show out and be the 2021 Poole once again


FA steal once again, 2 year in a row stealing talents

Some clutch shots, great shooting, most impressively, defense, CLAMPS

This game 6, u shine off the bench, so stable from 3, hitting every wide open looks

I don't think we can bring him back, I rlly hope so, but thank you for this season and hope you can continue this in the rest of your career


Good to see you back, we desparately need the size, last year we at least got OPJ and therefore you played much, but this year we just don't

hope we can get some size and play u more next season


This is kinda a breakout playoffs, safe to say you secured rotational mins next season, CONGRATS

just did everything right, defend well, play as a team, not greedy for shots, definition of a team player, unlike Poole...


I feel sorry for you and i hope you still hv the patience with Golden State

Ur a real talent, just love to see you play



Good season honestly, didn't thought you were that gd when we signed you, your catch and shoot is actually underrated

PBJ and Rollins,

not much to say, PBJ did show sth in that Nets game in think, scoring like 6 3s, get your defense up and we definitely can use you


Go play Golf brotha


Another underrated player, rlly hope somewhere can actually use you, ur a solid rotational piece for any teams

Steve Kerr,


I don't wanna complain you that much but this playoffs coaching is just unacceptable

like what's wrong with Kuminga, yea maybe there will be issues with team defense, but offensively he provides sth that no one have, that physical drive to the paint

His shooting is so underrated, he can do fadeaways very close to the bucket

he can play physical, idk why Steve Kerr don't even play him when we needed that size

I swear Kuminga guarding Bron will be better than any of Donte, Moody, or GP2 guarding him

We made Bron looking like playing against boys dude...

Do better Steve...

Front Office,

Safe to say that the small ball era is ending, you see the Centers dominating the league, look at how we got dawgged by AD

pls don't hesitate to draft, or sign, or even trade for some size, we badly need help on that

Well, i guess that's it, this offseason gonna be interesting

Are there any trades?

Will the dynasty end by one of them leaving?

What will Warriors do with Poole?

But no matter what, this team need to improve, we got no injuries and got blown out by the Lakers

If the front office can, pls also clear some cap, i feel bad for Bob and Peter paying that much and not winning the chip

If you have any comment on the above questions, feel free to tell me!